For Sale - 2001 Honda CR125

Hi all,

After years of Motocrossing im finally hanging up my dirt boots. I dont really get the time to enjoy the brilliant sport anymore, and as now I have a road bike ive decided that its time to finally sell my dirt bike.

It’s a Honda CR125 2001 model. I brought it from Vic Eastwoods Honda Racing in Swanley in August 2006, and still have the receipt. The bike is all completely stock, no aftermarket parts added with the exception of FatBoy Rental handle bars.

I have only ridden the bike about 8 times since buying it, but it has been started up and run once a week and has spent it’s time upon on a stand.

The bike is in great condition, its last service was about a year ago where I took it to Vic Eastwoods and they put in a new set of piston rings and done the front fork seals.

As spares go I have a new Rental rear sprocket and chain.

Any questions about the bike or viewing please private message me.

Im looking to sell the bike for £800 - Please see below photo.



that would make one fun superetard!!:smiley:

I was toying with the idea of SuperTarding it… mainly for road use, but there’s so many restrictions, etc that I would have to made to the bike… gonna hate to see it go… even though I dont use it anymore as I just dont have the time it was always comforting knowing that it was there.

The center stand is a bit hefty!

mate that would be alot of fun on small tracks, like go cart style tracks;)

if you did motard it it wouldnt last very long!! ie it could go bang easily, plus it would need loads of tlc to keep it sweet, personally id keep it just so i could get me burning 2 stroke oil fix once a week:D

(love the smell of two stroke in the morning!)

Yeah… the smell of two stroke, all the new EU rules are killing that sweet smell off though. I was at the British Supercross final about 4 months ago now, everyone was on a thumper. I had to wait until the Pee Wee class raced on their 80cc’s to get my 2 stroke smell fix… Honda doesn’t even make a 2 stroke MX bike anymore. :frowning:

thats just pants man!! i got me two stroke scoot inb the garden, gotta get that fixed up just so i can blow blue smoke everywhere!!:smiley:

The ammount of blue smoke coming from ya SV ratty I thought you had converted it to 2 stroke lmao :smiley:

no thats flames popping out teh baffle free blueflame mate:D

£650 cash any good to ya! Where are you based please?

Or I have a £600 arlen ness 1 piece leather suit nearly new and Il throw in some cash!!!


Lasted about 20mins on ebay!!!

Lol :wink:

haha, yeah… I put it on ebay, then did a search to look for it and couldnt find it… I was like “What the?, where is it?”. Then noticed it had been brought already. I spent more time putting it on ebay than it stayed on there for!

Did you get rid of it then matey?

mate is your honda cr 125 still for sale ?

if so where are you at ?


Hey man, yeah the Honda was sold afew months ago now im afraid mate… was bummed to see that go :crying: