For Sale: 1990 Honda VFR 400 NC24

For sale: Honda VFR 400 NC24 1990 Grey Import

Good condition for its age. There are scuff marks on the left hand fairings but I bought it like this. I have never dropped the bike while owning it.
In April it had new tyres and passed its MOT with flying colours. Runs out April 2012
Tax runs out – April 2012 its £35 per year to tax
I have owned it since March 2009 and put a restrictor kit in it. Last August (2010) the restrictor kit came out.

It had a full service done in 2010 with the hopes I’d ride it more but work took over and barely got the chance to test out the full power of the 400.

It is completely standard and in good condition. The clocks are original and still in km/ph but mph are marked with stickers as a guide.
It has done 31,000 km which is 19,000 miles. So barely run in for a Honda!
It starts first time with no major problems.
Perfect little bike for ladies, shorter men and first timers to big bikes. :smiley:
Other items included in the sale:
2 air take pipes and a new clutch lever and switch for it. Including a brake fluid reservoir.

As extras: I have the restrictor kit and Goodridge Red Braided hoses.
Looking for £1250
PM me if interested. Viewing recommended can do evenings and normally Sundays.







The wife will kill me if i bought this , have you still got it ? Where are you roughly ? Thanks , Steve .

Sold !

is it the “will fit shorter men” which appealed to you? :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking the same untill a phone conversation earlier…bluestar is not the new owner:pinch: someone i know has a thing for V4 hondas and it’s getting slightly out of control :blink:

…might try and blag a ride on it tho :Whistling:

Out of control ? Is only 4 of them , am putting up a new big shed after europe !