For sale - 1989 NC30, VFR400 - 25,000 kms only, huge service history.

Bought this bike in the spring to do up, spent a complete fortune on servicing, upgrading the lower rad, new clutch cable, ebc HH brake pads, braided lines, carbs cleaned and balanced. Otherwise mechanically standard bike in good condition, immaculate OEM exhaust etc.

Been using it as a weekend toy, gets plenty of admiring looks. A huge folder full of service history, two keys etc.

I’m looking for a new(ish) 600/848 or similar in part ex as i’m ready for something with a bit more poke - ideas/offers accepted. Otherwise £2500.00, won’t move on price - cost me £2400 and more than £600 in there. I expect this is a bike that goes up in value rather than down.

If anyone’s interested, bike can be viewed near Victoria station on evenings.







YOU SPENT HOW MUCH ON A 20YEAR OLD 400CC BIKE?!?!?!?! Are you out of you $^&%*& mind! :crazy::w00t:

You complete penis. A Vincent is 60 years old, an RC30 is the same age as this. These are increasingly collectible and that only improves every time someone crashes one etc.

Go on ebay, search for completed listings for good quality NC30 VFRs, type ones, with all their papers and history. Then apologise.

Having bought and sold a load classic cars, I learnt that you want to buy the vehicles people who are now getting into the age where they have money to spend, wanted when they were younger. Top tip for you.

It is overpriced, like most out there. Not by nearly as much as some I have seen mind. Good luck with the sale.

Thank you

I have seen the bikes on eBay. They are overpriced too. Could you tell me how many of those sold?
They aren’t collectible bikes. Just good bikes.
When you say Vincent, are you referring to a Vincent black shadow?
Totally different kettle of fish.
That’s like saying a Ferrari 250gto is like a Subaru impresario P1 or a skyline r34
Sure they’re great but overpriced … It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. It’s £1000 over the mark. Penis.

Good luck on the sale anyway. I’ll be impressed if you get the asking price. Beers on you if you sell it

Don’t worry, jaime is just jealous he dosnt have one :stuck_out_tongue::wink: x

It’s worth what anyone would pay for it. If that’s £1000 or £2500 then who ever buys it will be very pleased.

Good luck with the sale.

Got 2400, thanks to most. Jaime you’re an idiot.

Congrats. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Now after a CBR600, thought about a 1000, but found the handling a bit heavier than i’d like. Mainly for track days and zipping about town. If anyone has any ideas, they’re gratefully accepted!

Glad you got a lot for it. Remember, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. This is a communal forum with different opinions. If you don’t like an opinion then just post the nap bike up on an ad site. Posting it up here or any other biking forum will undoubtably get an opinion or response. Some which you will like and some which you won’t.
I’m not going to get into a name bashing argument with you as it’s fruitless and I can’t be bothered.
You got what you wanted for it and I’m quite impressed and happy for you but calling me an idiot is unfair for having an opinion…

Whys he an idiot? He was correct, you didn’t get the asking price… :laugh:

Hang on, surely calling someone an idiot is light response for them being called a penis, no? :wink:

At the time it was in retaliation to him calling me a complete penis :confused:

Yeah there you go, see i think you’re alright to say that, given you were called a penis! lol. It’s all banter anyway eh?

Indeed it is!

There are no stupid opinions, just stupid people.

Haha ok, moving on - now I have to find a new bike! Who wants to sell me a CBR?

But you are a DICK Jaime :D:D:D…just sayin

Shaddup saggy tits! :smiley: