For Saffa's....

Just to remind you of home…:smiley: I’ll bring the koeksisters…Braaivleis anyone? :w00t:





I have the same problem with my sausage sometimes…

Only in SA would they sell beer and meat in one handy pack…Lmao

It means Van der Merwe can write a shopping list he can just about handle

What the hell are these?!? :w00t:



According to Google they are sausage up one end and a sort of porridge at the other, suppose the meat juices flavour the porridge end?

Looks like sausage and mash in a tube :w00t:

Madness :w00t: I’d expect the Americans to come up with something like that :smiley:

it just looks wrong!

+2. And the name “Pap and wors” doesn’t make it sound very inviting either:w00t:

Hahahaha, that’s soooo true!!! :D:D:D

AAhhh I miss home

mmmm nom nom nom. PS. the braai in the pool is legend ek se’!!!:smiley:

Thats sausage meat and errrrr … cum in a jonny isnt is?

Don’t say that, smiled’s always looks like that, you’ll give him yet another complex to worry about and worse, to post up and tell us about!!! :hehe:

I wonder how you know about this?!!! :w00t:

That’s only half-filled.

Certainly not a ManWhore. :wink:

If you are near Erith you can get all your favourite South African Goodies from Foods4U…they will import anything you want within reason.Yummy Condensed milk Ouma Rusks…Chocolate logs…Peppermint Crisps …Cape Malay curry sauces…Chakalaka…Biltong…Flatties…Rugby clothing etc…they now have their own butchery too.

P.S. Just make sure of their opening hours…I think they are closed on Sundays too.:slight_smile:

Be fair, Smiled waves his around more than Ginger ever managed to! You couldn’t miss it unless you were asleep?!?

mmmmmm pap n wors. not too sure i want in the same package tho. :cool: bring on the summer