I made it to No.4 with this video of YOU :slight_smile: I love you Ratty :wink: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Very nice what a lovely young lady. :slight_smile:

no.4 of what?

Aaahh! :wink:

Nothing embarrassing there at all :wink:

haha thank you wingnut:D

yup shes a mental:w00t: but me do loves her:D

When will it be time to buy my hat? Unfortunately I am having to miss Lou and Andy’s wedding reception and have not got any other wedding invites for this summer, as most of my friends who are shacked up with partners so no sign of actually tying the knot :frowning: So am in need of another LB wedding to attend :smiley:

I do have a suitable frock.

You may not wish to do a traditional wedding, so say one at the Ace cafe might be a great plan. I heard there was a vicar who attended there called the ‘Revving Rev’, so maybe he could do the honours? :D:D

Im heading to HG now to claim back my 5 mins lol
Ratty you Defo look better with you lid on xxx

where can we see the top 3 ? :slight_smile:

Stop calling me a MENTAL lol. I am just creative.

I have only just checked this. (Sorry Ratty, but that made me giggle). You meanie :ermm: OI, about 5 mins back, I am being creative with song lol :rolleyes:

Youtube lol :slight_smile: