For Heavens Sake

Sorry to hear about your local scum problem. Draino forced down their throatrs usually "cleans up " the problem…

I know this probably doesn’t help, but I have actually started enjoying baiting the little buggers. My flat is on the ground floor so I like parking the puppy outside my window. Any freak stops for more than the respectable 5 seconds genuine admiration of my shiny chrome work induces the “Insta Death Response”.

Last time I leapt out of the my front room window, stark gonad naked, brandishing a SERIOUS carving knife and frothing insane aggro about personal property and the excellent slicing attributes of very sharp butchers knives…

Never seen the little pikey *******s run that fast in my life…nearly wet myself, before i leapt back inside to avoid police interference (nothing worse than police intereference when you got nothign covering your knckers…

My neighbours are a little more wary of me now, and I haven’t seen those two sh!ts for a long time

Maybe I should hire myself out as rent a psycho-security guard…?

know that feeling of anger and frustration all too well at being scoped

get a baby monitor for the garage. you can also get wireless cctv quite cheaply (charly - you might be able to help on that one). saw a few sets myself but wasn’t sure which were any good.

if you dont have one already put an anchor point inside the garage. the Hardy ones only need one bolt and are pretty flush to the floor/wall when not in use (and come with the 16mm bit). ordinary hammer drill will do it

parking infront of the garage door eh? i’ve heard that those kinds of parking spots are often places to pick up nails in tyres. bit like taxi ranks allegedly…

so whens the sleepover at gingerbikechicks gaff?

I’m not wearing the fluffy slippers!

I spoke to my local Crime Prevention Officer who was a real helpful and has been to my home today.

I’d urge anyone who is concerned about security for their bike to contact theirs.

Fluffy slippers? Dude, i only wear FMB’s

I’ll bite what are FMB’s ?

Fantastic Motorcycle Boots

I put him out of his misery

Having been put out of my misery, I think you are on about the wrong sort of riding

I love that!!!

And fantastic i bet you look in you FMB’s and yer nighty! lol

Needs a picture - maybe in some kinda uniform!