For Heavens Sake

Ok, thanks to some c**t who blocked the entrance to my garage i had to park my bike in my front garden. Great timing as a guy walked past, stopped and got on his mobile phone and said “i found one come on over” and looked straight at my bike.

I rode off and came back later and got it locked up but now there are 3 guys walking up and down my road on the other side of the road who keep stopping and are scoping my house.

Ok, they are obviously going to try nick it and it doesn’t take a genious to work out you don’t need three people so they are planning to use force to get me off the bike.

They have just walked off as my dad came back in the house.

So i get to spend the night in the garage in a sleeping bag and a carving knive.

The power of the intermaweb: imagine how suprised they’d be when a dozen bikers show up and start casing them out, following them home…

A friendly call to your local police station (not 999) tell them what you know - and ask to be put on the priority call in list - if your number comes up on the switch board during the next month or so - the police are already on their way before they have answered the phone!! (might be some police on here to clarify that) but it worked for me when i had the same thing on my brand new RS last yr.(they don’t seem to be interested in my 3yr old CBR now (and they will get found - if you know what i mean)

Lock it up as best as you can,disconnect the coils or plug leads,do anything you can to make it hard for them,do your know any burly blokes that you could invite round for extra security? is the bike in the garage? you could then park a car infront of the door so it couldnt be opened? And for gods sake sleep with your keys,dont suppose your dad plays golf? golf clubs = bloody good “attitude adjusters”


Blimey wish there was something I could do.

Perhaps take some pics of them - that’ll scare’em off.

First, (and I know how hard this to hear as it is for me to say) remember its only a bike. It is not worth gettin hurt over, if I knew ya better I’d be there like a flash and would happily just walk over to them and ask them if they were lost and could I help.

Call the police, they may even have someone waiting for the little bar stewards to try it and nick them, if not the sight of a squad car turning up will probably alert them to the fact you know what they are up to.

I would be inclined to booby trap the bike and wire it to the mains, sorry officer I had the battery on charge didn’t realise those bare mains wires could hurt.

Oh, Angela, that’s crap! I hope it’s just paranoia! You need to move somewhere safer! Sods law though that you leave it outside once and it gets unwanted attention.

I’m sure you have the complete support of everyone on here. Just tell us if you want us to come over and safeguard your new bike! Hopefully the Police can help. Seems like Sean has some top advice there.

Sorry, but the police won’t be interested in your “paranoia”.

I dont see it as paranoia, just saying what they will acknowledge it as. They are more reactive than proactive.

Keep a good eye on it tonight (parking it elsewhere if poss?? long shot I know) but be ready to dial 999 the moment you spot ANYONE acting suspiciously near your property. That means dont wait till they set foot on yer driveway, it means CALL PLOD THE VERY MOMENT YOU EITHER:



Dont put yerself in any danger though. Camcorder or camera might come in handy.

Thats an idea, put a cam corder in the window if you have one even with no tape in it clearly visible pointing straight at the bike.

Do you know whos car it was blocking yer garage?

Reason i say is was it the scrotes who might have been after yer bike, if they block garage and know yer gonna park it in garden.

So if yer garage is blocked again is there anywhere else you can put yer bike?

I would have phoned 999 if i was you, 3 blokes eyeing yer bike and as a female was worried if they were gonna force you off it, sounds good enougth reason to me.

hi babe. You got my mobile and home number. Give me a call if any probs. You know its what im best at .

If you see them again then DO call 999.

Don’t be wishy washy on the phone, explain to them that you believe these males are about to commit a burglary in your street, give full descriptions and tell them that they seem to be casing out your address. Explain what you’ve seen and also explain that you’re really scared as you’re a lone female.

Hopefully if there is local police nearby then they can come down and pull the scrotes.

Let us know how this pans out.

absolutely. 999 is there for urgent situations. Let the services decide what response it warrants rather than you deciding.

Cops told me a while back to ring 999 even for stuff like dangerous potholes.

You’ve paid tax right? Use it girl.

Hope all is well this morning.

FFS its getting worse.
Soz to hear your troubles, some good advice there,

See, buy y’self a GPZ and you’ll never have these problems

Seriously, Hope it all works out ok

Back to work, skiver !!!

Work you never do any old boy PMSL

Who moi? As if

Thanks guys. Bike is going to any staying at work today.

Also speaking to some people in high places about the situation.

It’s not the security of the bike, it’s the fact that 3 were waiting. Let’s face it, i couldn’t put up a fight.

Cheers Joe, between you and my mate in Fulham, i have a rather good bunch of bouncers.

damn thats scary

but at the same time very infuriating. I would probably see red

Karen, I hear ya Since I sold my flashy scooter and got an NTV nobody tried to mess with my wheels. OK, somebody kicked it once but all that happened is they hurt their foot