For dinner tonight I will be having/eating...

Nando’s!!! I love it…

Whats on the menu tonight for you LB’ers?

home made beef and veg casserole with peas and potatoes :wink:

I just had a pizza with some Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce ozzed onto it!.. was lovely!, although now im going to have to go out on my bike and ride flat out with my mouth WIDE open to cool it down! :smiley:

Ur so unhealthy :wink:

I had a beef stew :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: yum :smiley:

Chicken, baby carrots, green beans and mash potato, and the best thing was it was cooked for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummmm, errrrrr

Salmon, broccoli, peppers and onions, all done on the george foreman and coated with olive oil

I treated myself to a nice portion of fish and chips! :smiley:

Curry! speaking of which, when the next curry club going out? :smiley:

Starter of pitted black olives and octopus chunks in olive oil:cool:

Main course of fresh sardines marinated in chillie and garlic with a provencale tomato, red wine, garlic and parsley sauce. Served with baked potato, green beans and sauteed mushrooms. Home made to Mr Jetstream`s secret recipe and washed down with several bottles of Chilean Merlot.:slight_smile:

Washing up courtesy of Mrs Jetstream:D

I’m just keeping my eye on your posts and the time ;):smiley:

… It wont be long before the ramblings start :hehe:

Bombay roll and a Liver sandwich. :slight_smile:

and I’m having… soup :blink:

With the chefs special sauce? :wink:

Packet of crisps for me:crying:

Harsh but true, Mrs Jetstream is getting quite frisky after her third bottle of Chilean Merlot but Im doing my best to distract her from LB. Ive tried the let`s go to bed line but she is far too much for one man to handle. Any advice greatly appreciated.

She is partial to prunes and tamarind seeds.

Ange, this is a cry for help, you as a woman must have a clue what motivates she who must be obeyed to take over the keyboard with her multiple personalities, me Im just a man, like any man, and Ive known so many men before in Oh so many ways I`m just one more …

That explains how you got lucky :laugh:

Stevie, you`re riding close to the wind.:smiley:

There must be websites where even you could talk to a geriatric peadophile granny and form a lasting and semi meaningful relationship.:slight_smile:

Maybe you could then stop coming on here and stop teasing us;)

We are fast, gorgeous, intelligent, and have more and better sex than a warren of rabbits faced with eviction and worse. What`s more we live in desperate hope that one day before we die of boredom you will pass your test.:wink:

Then and only then, we may have the pleasure and privilege of riding together through the golden haze of England`s glorious countryside and …

Forgotten what this was all about:D

… Jetstream, true to form :smiley:

I know, I can smell it…

There are - but you won’t tell me which ones they are :smiley:

:ermm: pot… kettle… sooty @rse… :w00t:

Oh you poor things - dementia is such a difficult condition, isn’t it? :wink:

I rest my case :smiley: