For anyone who thinks all Nigerians are...

CNN this weekend - African Voices - is based on Nigerian artist Nike Davies-Okundaye

Watch the show at the following times:
•Saturdays: 0830, 1430
•Sundays: 0800, 2100
•Mondays: 1030, 1730
(all times GMT)

You won’t meet a more inspiring woman (or man for that matter) - she came from an abusive polygamous marriage and set up her own galleries. She has trained thousands of young artists and now has galleries all over the shop.

Plus she is really nice with it - she once gave me a Yoruba name and she cracked out the gin and mixed it with a kola nut - a traditional African naming ceremony apparently…a very special lady, Enjoy!

Bump - Programme starts on CNN in about 15 mins time.