For all you Suzuki lovers GSXR, GSF, GSR, GSWATEVER

Ive known about this for ages but keep forgetting to post it up

Its an online parts catalgue for all models of suzuki from 1965-2008.

Extreamly usefull for finding part numbers and getting an idea about price for parts (usually the prices are fooooookin Ridiculas but then thats Zuki for ya)

Enjoy :smiley:

maybe ratty can find some stabilizers for his sv:hehe:

think thay sold out for sv,s:P:D

its not all bad tho, they have the new 2009 lip stick holders in stock for him:D

hahahaha :smiley:

They might even have a large umbrella that covers SV & rider for those rainy days ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I rebuilt my DRZ using that site, it’s awesome :slight_smile: