For All You Carbon Haters!

Surely you bent over to get a price like that! LOL! No seriously the bikes lovely, I’ve always said to myself I’d get one when I change the the R1.

What’s the latest with your tats, had any more lately?

Hey James… Thats one tasty machine you have there… Especially whilst being sat on, and the engine running!!! LOL…

Hi MrGee… It’s been a while eh! Where you been fella? We must catch up real soon…

James, the bike looks so gorgeous mate! Well done !!!

What a ride !!!..I think it sounded awesome…spot on fella!!!

seeya again.


No more tatts yet, but hopefully when the rest of my insurance money comes in ill get the other arm done…or big bore the buell

Ohhh yeah Foxy, I was wondering what that sticky patch on the seat was

Luvin the carbon look James…Where did ya find it??? Thats crazy about ur insurance!!! Lucky bugger!!!

James great bike. I thought that it was only old buggers like me who got good insurance quotes. Cant wait to see and hear the bike

By the way my insurance has never been THAT good

That looks amazing mate

Whats it like to ride? I was thinking of getting a test ride on one towards the end of the summer as a possible replacement for the SMC of Doom

Cant really describe what its like its just SO different from anything ive ridden before

basically its just mental you gotta get a go on one dude…mighty good fun!!!

Does this mean I can start the que fo having a go on yours James?

Hi foxy!

Yep it has been a while an’t it, will tell you about it when we catch up soon.
Hope alls well your end.

If you need any parts try its a septic site but they ship to the uk, even with import tax and postage there stuff is cheaper than geting it from hd main dealer, bitz4buells, trojen etc.

Just got me some crash bungs and exhaust silencer ring for my can (still louder than standard buell race item!)

Hey BigEd nice to see another member who can apreciate a proper bike I’ll check the site out, but I’m lucky as the guy who owns Bitz4Buells is an old customer of mine from my Purley days(discount!), oh and luckily the previous owner had good taste and tarted it up for me Dont you just love the Jardine can…its not that loud Dunno as I’ve gone deaf

The B4B guy seemed like a top bloke, drove my can down to me to save me the postage, as i live close.

Would recomend the insert if you got the jardine, takes the edge of the noise, but is still loud! (stops all the popping on over run though )

Nahhh…I’m the obnoxious type I cant wait for the baffles to wear out

I know what you mean about the over run though…its like having my own shotgun going off every second but it does make me wonder about long term problems so a TFI box or summit soon…have you done anything to ya airbox?? Been thinking about the F.A.S.T system but not sure…just too many options open

Only taken the snorkel out, done the ‘white wire mod’ and the exhaust. Only other mods are due to a trip down the road

Is that a standard can i see on there???

Have you found the suspension settings for your weight on the ukbeg site? got a manual? if not can email them across.

Nah the standard can came off and the Jardine went on as soon as I picked it up

Yes I have the manual, but not had a chance yet as I dont understand suspension I can tell people what it does and what I want it to do, but I need to spend a day playing with Matt to get it sorted as its all over the shop at the mo! But Ill get it sorted soon then go and find some some crap to slay

Finally a connosiuer of American metal and Technology…errr… (no sarcasm intended) Get set for it to rock your world dude…i know it looks like a tractor so don’t go doin’ this with it now



You promised me a go!!!

still waiting

If it was’nt for me blah blah blah…

Get in line mate, I want to feel the throb!