For All You Carbon Haters!

Finally one has purchased a new bike…or should that be tractor

There is a bike somewhere under all that lovely (FREE ) carbon…

Jay, howabout some nice carbon lb stickers then

And WHAT THE is it about getting stupid insurance quotes!!! so far the lowest is £600 comp to a staggering £2200 tpft …wheres me KY!!!


Very nice Babyj, droool droool, CARBON…Mmmmmmmmm

love them front brakes man

Congratulations James! It looks fantastic! You’ve always been a little different, and this suits you. We’ll get you some stickers So when are we going to see you out on it?? I bet it’s a loud bugger…

Not yet BUT I am aiming for something at around 110db and about 10-20bhp gain YEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Great bike. Keep us posted of some more pics

Surely you mean some decent pictures that fit on the screen properly

About bloody time!!! Well done and congrat’s on the the purchase James… Can’t wait to see you out and about on it… Nice bike!!!

How longs the warranty?

Thats very sweet mate!

I had thought about buying one of those for my next roadbike (not the carbon version though) but so far have not been persuaded. Got some carbon going on the ZX7 instead.

Sweet looking bike though and I hope you have a great time with it.

£65!!! to insure the bike and thats with all the carbon and NO alarm

See the REAL benefits of buying non japanese…you dont get !!

Mmmmm … sweet bike!!

£65, is that a typo James?? Jesus…

NOPE! As ive been saying over and over again Japanese bikes are very bad for the bum hole

I must admit I did collapse when they first told me the price. Actually it is only £40 to insure and £25 fees So in reallity its costing an incredible £2 more than the Zip

Hehe “You’ve always been a bit different…”

That’s charming!!!

Sweet bike James, they handle like a dream (I imagine the ‘wet’ kind) and sound truly the best.

Remember to shout “Gerroff moi laaand!!” as you scythe throught the traffic LOL LOL

Nice bike and nice insurance quote to, its not fair I wanna bike with cheap insurance

You finally did it! Well done that man

Nice bike, James! Will you still keep the scoot, too?

Great bike James. I love the carbon ‘bits’ lol. Your insurance? NO comments!!

Paivi, great to see you back! Had a nice trip I hope and now back to the cruel reality