for all you artists/photographers

ok, this is one for all the budding artists out there who maybe looking for a place to exhibit a load of your work for a month free of charge.

its a real last minute thing, my friend owns a bar in east london that has a communtity theatre attached to it. both the bar and the theatre try to support local artist from all genres by allowing the space to rented used performed in and as a display venue. we’ve been let down big time for this months artist leaving us with no artwork to hang on the wall in the upstairs of the bar for this month.

we dont charge anything to hang the paintings/photos/watever your medium, we dont take a cut of anything you may sell (and generally, if the stuff displayed is any good, a fair bit will be sold) all we ask is that the pics stay on the wall for the month or if something is sold and taken away it is replaced leaving no bare spaces on the wall.

its a good opportunity to display your work for nothing, we have a wide variety of customers who come from all over london for the theatre and the bar its self. you can hang anything from 30 small (A4/5) prints to 5 or 6 larger pieces (upto about 6ftx3ft) all you need to bring is the catgut to hang them with and a short piece about who why and wat and of course, how much. the content can be pretty much anything u want as long as its not completly offensive.

you decide how you price your work, or you can just use it as a display with no intention of selling anything.

no time wasters please, i need to get something up on the walls within the next couple of days, so if you have pieces ready to hang, even better.

cheers all, i’l keep an eye on here for any responses.

Thanks Pixie, for give this oportunity to the LB members. Perhaps we have a hidden talent out there somewhere? (not me definitely)

Hey Pixie… What bar is this ? I live in East London and wouldnt mind having a look .


sent u the details