For all those that are bothered...

Rite then just a little update on where i have been hiding…

Ive been sunning it up in the middle of a big f’off desert in Jordan on a not so wonderfull exercise which my dog liked even less, this conclusion i came to by the fact she was shaking like a leaf everytime a bang went off or rounds where being blatted off… No tour for her then.

So apart from the unbearable heat, sweating 2 seconds after having a wash, living in a sandy tent full of other sweaty men(westie stop right there :stuck_out_tongue: ), the stench of odour de foot, ticks that actualy chase you(like the bugs in starship troopers), a few camel spiders(which arent actualy spiders), the fresh smell of the thunder box in the midday heat, the sand storms, the heli’s which where actualy daf 4tonners(no where near as smooth and comfy a ride), the lack of food, warm water(not great for drinking), waking up at 2am freezing because it was too hot to get in your doss bag when you went to sleep, waking up in a pool of water because you’ve sweated half your body weight when it got hot before you woke up, picking clumps of sand out of your ears and nose every 2 minutes, hardly being able to breath due to your lungs being filled with sand(well that and the alttitude)… It was all good

On the less exciting side i got to go and see Petra(which is one of the severn wonders of the world aparently :smiley: ), that was an amazing site… And i got to go scuba diving in the red sea which again was another amazing experience…

Unfortunately i dont have any pics to show because i broke me camera the day we left :crying:

Oh and considering we where out in the middle of nowhere in a desert with not sign of any greenery the veiws where actualy amazing. Alot of it actualy looked fake like it was something drawn up on a movie set… Hmmm i wonder if ive been tricked somehow :w00t::hehe:

Well now im back in sunny germany and will soon be back home to come riding wth all you wonderfull people :cool:

Cheers for the update ASBO and your latest news.

Wondered where you had been hiding:D

I read the 1st line, got bored so i decided to write this insted :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

Good to hear you’re okay mate!

Some from I was there in 2009 for your scrap book :slight_smile:

Welcome home ASBO! Glad to hear you are safe and sound :smiley: