For All That Know Us

I’ve not been able to log in here for a long time but managed to today.

Many old LBers will know us and for those who don’t have me or Mark on FB, this happened last Sunday. More posts on FB but the kids have got a GFM page set up.

We just wanted all our oldie mates to know what’s happened.


Holy Fook , Sorry to hear of this Ang , Especially after everything else you and Mark have battled through and overcome .

Oh jeez Ang, that’s horrendous. After all that you’ve both been through and then for this to happen. I really don’t have the words to say how sorry I am to hear this and I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you all. Thinking of you x

Hi Ang. Absolutely shaken to hear this. I can’t imagine what you, Mark and the family are going through. Thank god they make londonbikers tough eh. We’ve both made a donation.

I know we haven’t spoken for some time, but you and Mark are two of the founding community members of LB and helped make it a place so many people wanted to be a part of, and I personally am very grateful for that. If there’s anything we can do to help, please just ask.

Wishing you all the smoothest road to recovery x


Hey Ang,

Thanks for posting on here, I found out through other methods as I’m not on facebook myself. So gutted when I heard this but please he is still in one piece (well, just about), I’m sure there is going to be a queue of people waiting to bring him some grapes when we’re allowed.

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Thanks… I popped out earlier to get some air and in that time a drunk/drugged driver smashed into Marks van outside the house and drove off. Video doorbell shows them arguing unable to stand then get into the car and drive off.

Jesus! seems you cannot catch a break at the moment. Hope they get the little shites!

Saddened to hear this Ang, give Mark my best wishes.

Sorry to hear this terrible news. Best wishes to yourself and Mark.

So sorry to hear this. You and Mark were some of the first people from LB that I met on a Dunstable Downs rideout. Sending all my wishes to you both and to your family

I’m absolutely shocked to hear this. So sorry for Mark, definitively shit luck and after what he already went through.

My best wishes to you and your family xx

Really sorry to hear this Ang. Wishing all the best to Mark and you guys.

Shocked and saddened to hear this. Please wish him well from me. Hope you are all managing to cope ok.

I’ve been updating Mark and when he can concentrate for longer he will catch up with you all on here.
Thank you for all your help and support it’s been massively appreciated by the family x


This post was in response to an unsuitable post since removed by admin.

This incident involves an experienced motorcyclist well aware of safety equipment but at the time was riding a pedal cycle in a segregated cycle area.

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@Jay can we delete his response? clearly a plug for his own equipment.

I’m actually really offended by your post @Frishay