For all of you who couldn't make it

…to the LB party. We miss you a lot, there is plenty of people, food is great and keeps on coming…
Wish you were here guys

Show-off with your blackberry (blueberry? strawberry?)!

He’s right, though: good time was had by all! Food was, indeed, yummy, music was great (big thanks to our own resident DJ Jason!), and the company was excellent!

Huge thanks to Foxy (looking foxier than ever!), Jay and Cezar for organising a fabulous party!!!

No Paivi, I authentically missed few people there without who LB is not the same for me.

ChrisDee and Hennessy know that I’m talking about them…

Great nite, nice to see you all again, roll on summer.

Hi guys I hope you all had a good time.

I must say sorry if the music was not to everyones liking but I try to play a little bit for everyone.

I’m now home with a cracking sore throat and a kicking headache.

also big thanks to paivi for grabbing me a much needed pepsi
cheers hun xxx

I hope to see you all out at frith soon
DJ Jason Carroll

So there’s me thinking I’d be first, got a reputation to live up to now!

Guess this is what living in the sticks means - an hour and a half trip home

But a great time was had, excellent to meet so many of you; Iain, Lucky13,Timmah!, Puppy (is that right?), Savoury, Chuffster, Storm, err and all the others… plus the usual suspects.

Cezar, you cracked me up man with that camera, like a prairie dog he was all night. Even a classic up-the-skirt shot that’ll be interesting to see if it gets as far as the gallery without the missus seeing it.!!

DJ-tunes-allnite that was great music, no complaints from me.

Beautiful girls, thank you for being there. Sorry I didn’t talk to you all, but so little time you see…

The trio who organised this, and any others unknown to me, deserve a warm thank you for the night that we all take so readily for granted, but for the forum as a whole (stop me if I do a Paltrow here) by bringing us together and making such great times and stories possible.

On to 2006 and all the delights it holds.

And finally, (gasp) spare a thought for ChrisD who was gonna come but (I understand) was told he had to work tonight delivering stuff or the job’s a gonna, so was out on his 'ped earning roughly what some of us drank I suspect. And the ticket was paid for. Pi55er.

So keep it safe, warm and well oiled. Anyone near Spittalfields tomorrow/today? Xmas shopping with the ex can you believe. The hits just keep on coming…

Thank you all for making this first LB meeting a success! I had loads of fun and it was really nice to meet you all!

Thank you very much for coming!

Trust me the music was great

That was just one amazing party and I am absolutly nackered!

Shame some people didn’t turn up

Thanks Cezar, Jay and Tash it was fantastic

Yeah music was good jason! good night all in all!

Great bash really enjoyed cheers peeps