For all of you out there who don't know me...

Apologies for the following comments…

Bike season is ramping up quick, the sun is shining, the sap is rising…

It’s making me horny! :slight_smile:

Come on summer… tight clothes, tight turns, bikes sunshine… outside fresh air… PHWOAR! You dirty boy! :slight_smile:

Edited cos I’m a crap speller! :slight_smile:

Whats sun!!! it was f#%king snowing today :smiley: I almost froze my balls off because I had to spend all day on the bike :smiley:

but you RODE! The gospel of the biker religion…

exams have finished (for the next few months), so ive been riding properly again.

weeee my bike is so much fun!
my feet still haven’t warmed up, but i may go back out :smiley:


True true… Anyway even freezing to death is better then spending an hour in the tube’s cattle wagon :smiley: And I gonna be on the road all day tomorrow, not only on the road but in a car park as well, doing my module 1

hehe nice thread! a Ray of sunshine.

Those tight clothes you mention…I have some for sale! -

Toby…you sir are bonkers:D and i like it!:smiley:

ah the days of knackering knee sliders and annoying the P-O-lice is not far away:D:D:w00t::cool:

Toby! I’m with you, I can’t wait!

ha ha ratty-boy 40,000 visits!!! In 4 years!!! thats 10,000/year! thats 27 visits each and every day of each year! I think we have us the LB addict!!

Roll on the sunshine and half naked ladies :smiley:

Although they can be a danger to road users ;):hehe:

lol your not the first to notice!! i havent been on half asmuch recently, i think i notched all that up while i was a Mac Operator, used to log in and out ALOT! lol

either that or Jay fiddled them!? lol:D

Obviously you mean other road users, we can’t imagine you taking your eyes off the road to look at a scantily clad girlie;):w00t: But what’s all this about sun & summer?? It is only January isn’t it? At least six weeks yet before snow can be ruled out! :crazy:

FINALLY someone other that the Jets have realised that you CAN ride in

winter. I’ve been paying for a garage that I store my tools in. Bike stayes unda da

winda!!! FOOL!:D:D:D

course you can ride in the winter, but its a lot more effort for significantly less return (unless of course you’re toughening yourself up for a trip to the Arctic)…

Summers’ where its at, the older you get the more true that is… roll on retirement in Miami… I’m gonna live in a workshop and do nothing but play with bikes like that bloke in World’s Fastest INdian

My idea of heaven… :slight_smile:

Wow! +1

Roll on lottery win! (better buy a ticket then :wink: )

PS . IMO, you cannot appreciate the Summer on a bike without having first ridden through the Winter. (for those of you who don’t know) you will be a better Summer rider than the ‘fair weather’ rider, but only once you have braved the elements on your steed!
Winter is a time of learning on two wheels.

Last Winter, I learnt - when it’s snowing, don’t go to ASDA for the weeks’ shopping on the bike.


think I gave you my number a little while ago as you leave near by I will be up for some ride outs soon, if your around


I do get depressed sometimes during the winter and think “f*ck, why the hell do I bother with riding, when it’s actually not much fun”, but as soon as the first mild days come along, it really does make you appreciate it sooo much more.

Oh, and fair weather riders are wimps :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 back atcha! :wink:

Toby I hope this means you’ll be ditching the bicycle, lycra gear, and the strange habit of jumping out of bushes all red faced near various London commons :smiley: