Got a foot pump, are they ok to use to pump up bike tyres? I know its hardwork but all the garages near me the air machines are absolute rubbish they all let out more air than they put in. I obviously dont need to seal the tyres or anything just give em a few psi every now and again. What do you think?

Hi there, I use a foot pump for the firestorm’s tyres and it was fine. Gives your leg muscles a good work out too! I borrowed an electronic tyre gauge to get an accurate reading as you can’t always trust the foot pump display.

garage pumps are wildly inaccurate ,your better off with a foot pump and a good pressure gauge.

Nice one cheers, I drove about 10 miles and tried 5 different garages with air lines and they were all poo! I shall get my leg working now then!

Yeah, footpumps are absolutely fine for bikes. As someone said up there, don’t bother with the pressure guage on the footpump though (if it has one) - they’re about as accurate as the garage forecourt ones. You can pick up decent electronic pressure guages from most bike shops, or places like Halfords, for a few quid - just make sure you buy one that’s angled enough to fit onto the tyre valve on a bike wheel. Some don’t fit inside the wheel properly, fouling on the hub.

I make you right there Crash_dark. the fiting angle is very important on a gauge. I bought one and it doesn’t fit on the front tyre…