Footie Fan With MX bike required

We’ve been contacted about TV work for someone who’s a footie fan and rides an MX bike.

A PR company working for ESPN want to film people pursuing their hobby while wearing their team’s shirt to be shown as part of match broadcasts and there’s also a chance to become the face of their team for the season.

They want to film said fan hooning about an MX track, so it has to be someone half competent.

email Patrick at patrick.mcconnon’at’ if you are interested or know someone who fits the bill.

PM ADZ he knows how to chuck a mx bike about :slight_smile:

Well someones got to represent QPR :smiley:


You need a Millwall Hoonigan!

Go on The Lions! :smiley:

footie players are a bunch of failed actors

Looks like I’m filming on monday :slight_smile:

Yeh Yeh lets hope theres no walls :Whistling:

You R’sssssssss