Football fans hang your head in shame....


She’s just a silly young girl. Obviously deserves some sort of reprimand but no doubt she’ll be receiving the usual death threats once the internet vigilantes find out who she is. It really is uncalled for.


Or to look at it another way, she’s a cunt who needs to be used as an example that having too much to drink is not an excuse to do whatever the hell you like. 

In other news, Millwall fans have a kickstarter to cover the cost of repairing the car.


Yup agreed… It does sound like the kind of thing you might say to your friend who shares your dark sense of humour but on a tweet to the wide world, it’s just an offensive and creepy tweet. Also, hardly the crime of a century to deserve that kind of treatment.

Edit: Just to say, I agree with Joby…


Well they all got charged.

Not sure what the moral of the story is here. Don’t be an idiot?


That’s made my day :grin: