Football fans hang your head in shame

This was the state of my colleagues car, ironically at borough market after football fans converged on it after the game…


Drunken football fans trashing everything in site in the name of patriotism.

No longer shocking, but still sad.  Can’t wait to see what happens on Wednesday or Sunday.  Also those people that damaged the vehicle will be the first to scream the NHS is crap because there is no one to respond because I shit my pants cause I drank to much, and now no one can help me.

That’s a joke! Why ruin what was such a good day.

I’m in Germany at the moment and the Croatian fans have done pretty much the same here. The only difference was there were police everywhere they seemed pretty well organised here.

What a disgrace. I’m all in favour of public celebration but I don’t understand destroying things while doing so.

These ain’t football fans, I bet none of them have been stood in the freezing rain in January watching their team lose.

Wonder if there will be calls to identify and prosecute mindless thugs, if this was any other group it would be the first consideration

With those photos I’m sure the police will pursue those idiots for a conviction. The media will have a field day and the jury won’t have any sympathy.

@brains I can’t open your link.

They’ll be the most despised people in Britain next week.

Well until Thursday anyway, when Trump arrives.


Smashing up property that they have paid for in tax is completely moronic.


Also, apparently the girl has been identifed

The others should probably turn themselves in. They’ll be pretty easy to identify with clear photos like that.

It’s coming home…

They coming home to…


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She could do with a piece of 2 inch pipe threading up her arse then slide some barbed wire in the pipe then pull the pipe out! Think twice about jumping around on emergency service vehicles again.

That kinda went from a bit funny to a bit creepy.

Yeah, just a bit. Especially given that most of the culprits appeared to be male.