Foot out style ...

I have always wondered, but never dared to ask.
Why do supermoto riders ride foot out style rather than knee out? I know MX riders do, and I can kind of understand as obviously tires don’t stick so good, but what’s the deal with riding it on asphalt?
It just seems like a dangerous thing to do, particular at speed. Also, doesn’t it make you slower getting on the gears when coming out the corner if it’s a left hand bend?

I tried knee out/down style on my moto, it was wobbley to say the least. My brother (an experienced and seasoned rider) said it’s a dirt bike, ride it that way. I tried it and immediately it made sense, the bike was settled, hanging the back out was easy and i felt 100% more confident. The rake and trail on a motard means riding this way (as the bike is designed to be riden) makes sense. Hang your inside foot out toward the front wheel and all is roses, try it and you’ll realise.

You are at least 25% of the bikes weight, move that weight around and it makes a huge difference.

putting you foot out aint always needed but it does help give you a feel of the surface same as sport bike do with knee down. you dont plant your foot to the ground in the dry cos you would end up doing a U turn to collect your leg:w00t: unless the road is a wet then you can use more pressure to support your bike

its preference really m8 if you take full use of the road you can take a lane with ya feet on the pegs at all times. but i just love cranking the bike over as much as possible.

as for coming out of a bend m8 if your in the correct gear on the bend you’d not need to worry about changing gear till you have open straights;)

try hovering your foot while going around a roundabout to see if its for you:)

in the rain at the lb trackday i had my foot planted most of the day till it started to dry:cool:

That’s what I was thinking. Seems a bit dangerous to me. What if you lean the bike a little further than your leg thought you would, surely that must hurt! And if you come off, surely the pecks is a much safer place for the feet to be when you come off?

its not that dangerous really plus mx & sm boots have more support & are designed with that use in mind. on my boots there is more wear to the outer side of the heel cos i find i put my foot more forward that just away from the pegs

what type boots you got?

Sidi MX boots. They look like these:

There are specific boots, sliders and soles made for moto riders…

Once you get the hang of it and feel confident you could ride a bit like a grass track, flat track or speedway rider and just slide the bike sideways, not necessarily the fastest way through a bend but looks awsome!





i ride foot out and have “saved” the bike and me from a crash 3 times now because of it…

As TLD said, these sucka’s turn so easy when you stick y’sh1t out!:cool:



Banging your foot down when you feel the front slipping soons brings you upright…:w00t:

Also agree with MDD…use foot-out more on track, not so often on roads on commute etc.

I was taught to put my foot out on the off road training day i did (although that was on a dirt bike). To start with I couldn’t bring myself to do it, it just felt odd, but after the instructor had yelled at me a few times and I had a practice, i got the hang of it. It was then MUCH easier to ride the bike on the dirt and although I fell off loads, it was still much easier to balance round the corners etc when my foot was out.

I am not sure why it would be used ON road though, on SMs, as I thought it was an off road technique, but I suppose it’s a way of riding that suits some people and not others.

I really must do one of those off road days.
Which school did you use?

Golding Barn in West Sussex - it was an AWESOME track. I went at the start of April, so it was a little chilly at times and even hailed at some points during the day, which made the track very slippy.

I enjoyed it (even though I was the only lady) because the instruction was very good and we had from 10am - 4pm on the bikes. When I got there and saw the track I never thought I’d manage to bike down ‘dead man’s hill’ or go on the big track at all. However, at the end of the day I was hooning round there like a pro (well I like to think so, despite the masses of bruises after falling off 15 times)

I shared my bike, but you get plenty of riding time and I found it really good for a beginner. At the end I even did jumps !! Woo hoo:w00t:

Go for it, well worth the money, I was on a high for weeks afterwards!!

It’s the Yamaha school - you can google in Yamaha off road day and it will show you the site. Lots of different bikes too - 250s, WR 450s, MX etc

You put your foot out toward the front wheel to get your weight forward for better grip so the bike tracks round, its the reason we can go round the twisty’s quicker than other types of bike. And theres the plus side to the fact it helps save your ass 9 times out of 10 when you feel the bike about to go.