fookin london and its punctures! grr

yet again tonight, i have a puncture in my new rear tyre, grr im so fed up with this, im opening this old chesnut again, the topic is ULTRASEAL, discuss…

Westie, you have some luck m8 I aint gona say it this time

if it’s repairable, get it pluged, it’s on the back

Just my £00.02p, be fooked if I’d buy a new tyre

FFS babe, im sorry to hear that - me too - 2 in a weekcrosses fingers I don’t jinx myself

hey terry, i aint gonna buy a new one, im getin it plugged, its a brand new tyre!,grr, thanks mate, and gems, aww ya havin a worse time than me, xxxxx

normally getting your rear plugged would mean congratulations are in order

dont think i’ve gotten away with any rear tyre to date not having to be plugged at least once. I try not to ride in the cross-hatch sections/lane seperation areas when filtering now (i get onto the other side of the road assuming traffic is clear, and to give myself a bit of space from the cagers)

if i didn’t take my tyres on track, i think i’d go with the ultraseal personally (just check your tyres a more thorough check more often)

Ultraseal is sh!te and doesn’t work. In any case (if it did actually work), I’d like to know I had a damaged tyre than ride around blissfully unaware…

Don’t waste your money on it - put it towards an emergency puncture kit instead…

How much it gonna cost?

Im with Biggus on this, I would want to know if iI picked up a puncture, also dont tyre fitters get narky about tyres with ultraseal cos of the mess when it comes to new boots time?

think you are better of watching where you ride in terms of road position. punctures are always more common in the wet/winter, as the tyres are colder and dont conform around irregularities as well

can’t recommend plugging them yourself - those are just temporary anyway, and you’re more likely to screw it up unless you’ve had a lot of practice at it.

take it to a garage and have it done properly

emergency wise you’re better off carrying a can of tyre foam to get you home/to the garage. i keep a can at home and in the office (normally where i find out i’ve picked one up). its saved me a wait for the recovery guys a number of times now

if you filter, you get punctures

yeah i remember that…lol

Guess I dont fancy hooning around on a tyre that ‘may’ have become structurally unsafe, particularly if it has a peice of metal moving around in the carcass. Personal preference I guess, besides I now have tubed tyres so I cant use it anyway.

Cautionary tale…

"Yep, it did its job of plugging the leak but what they didn’t say is that if you pick a nail up at speed, it takes a while to set. I got to Magor Services in Wales after blatting down the M4 with pillion only to find my brand spanking new YELLOW Firestorm was now in fact YELLOW and PURPLE. The stuff had pi$$ed out all over my bike, my leathers, my pillion etc.

My advice . . . . . . . . Dont touch the stuff !!!"

Ultraseal is brilliant for small punctures, and even on a ‘big split’ can give a vital extra second or so allowing the rider to take appropriate action. The big plus is that it can be washed out if a plug is required - but I’ve ridden for thousands of miles with a tiny ‘weep’ - no problem at all.

At under a tenner a tyre it’s well worth it IMHO.