Food offer for Wagamama


wheeee! LB Wagamama night! Good on ya Lustie… get peoples names down… how about one night next week, in Kingston

I’d be up for it. How about Bank Holiday Monday night?

There’s a Wagamamas in Borough Market!!!

Yeah… but I can’t get the bus home from BM

Well, whatever the general opinion is…

Thats Newbie Nite

Just had lunch in there with previous vouchers. Nice food, shame about the service.

Che4ers for this. Im gonna abuse it a tad :slight_smile:

We go to the one in Brent cross, i love the chicken dumplings.

Thanks for that Lustfish! MMMmm love Wagamamas! We tend to go to the one at St Albans or Covent Garden.

thanks lovely lady!

Cheers Shauna