Food from Childhood...

I’m currently eating a banana sandwich

Banana and ready salted crisps sarnies are better

Had a Wham! bar the other day for old times sake…

Wham! bar… 35p… replacment mercury amalgam filling £80

Ooh! Haven’t had one of them for ages

Anyone remember ‘Nutty’ bars? . . . I also remember (showing up my age now) when Bounty bars had a little tray in the packaging . . . They dont make sweets like they used to etc etc

Love Banana sarnies !

Love looking at and remembering stuff from when I was a kid.

There are a couple of sites that you can buy all the old sweets from but can’t find them at the moment - got them filed on this machine somewhere !

Here’s another couple of sites that should bring back the memories

Old toys and games -

And loads of old Music video’s -

Enjoy !

35p!!! i remember when a wham bar set you back 10p!!

Does anyone remember “spangles”???

Spangles…YES!! Jees now your going back a bit!

I remember when Curly Wurlys were huge, and Wagon Wheels were as big as my head! lol

MMMmmmm…skydivers!!!..ohhh yea…1/2 penny mojo’s too…

yummers…OOOooo and Nerds!!!..sour as phuck!!!..lololol


And “snickers” were Marathons! and Mars bars were huge without being “kingsize”

I had a Yorkie bar yesterday fot the first time since i wa a kid. I remember them being a lot bigger than the one i had yesterday.

Wham Bar.

Space Dust…Rubharb and Custards, Black Jacks, Cola Cubes and Pair Drops…

Not to Mention the Famous “Bazooka Joes” with the little comic wrapped round em !!

I dont know if I feel sad coz I miss em or if its that now I think about it…

Im Antique !!!

Those were the days eh !!..Penny Sweets and Dog Sheet was White !!!

I can remember black jacks and fruit salads at 4 for 1d

OMG, how old am I


Hey Ian…remember the Watneys Party Fours and Sevens !!

Buy a Party Seven…put the two holes in each side of the top and it spurted out so fierce that you ended up with less than a Party Four !!!

Yes remember them well, did you have one of the gas pumps that clamped on the top?


and banana sarnies with mamalade!!!

home made macaroni cheese and malt loaf

and the ultimate READYBRECK ON TOAST!!! LOVELY!!!

But if you lot keep on about yummy stuff, I’m going to have to go and buy some chocolate.

Do you remember tapioca pudding at school? AKA frog spawn. Never see it nowadays, wonder why… same with semolina. Used to be served with pink jam of undefined flavour.

Sherbet Dibdabs. Oh, and Sherbet Fountains: bite both ends off the liquorice straw, stick it back into the pot and inhale, then cough your guts up cos you’ve just got a lungful of sherbet.

Flying saucers.

Here you go…

Mmmmmm!..Spangles; “double wrapped to keep all the flavour in and all the dirt out!”

As for Fruit Salads and Blackjacks @ 4 for 1d - I remember being able to buy one for a farthing!

Frozen Jubblies!

Frozen Jubblies Are you making that up???

What about Space Dust - Love it!

We used to put Refreshers in each others cans of coke and watch it fizz over them… that was only last week at lunch