Fone Jacker

For about three months, some people at work have been annoying the hell out of me with their quotes from this show called Fone Jacker. I’d never seen it before (I think it’s on E4) so didn’t really get what they found so funny.

So I decided to do a search on YouTube…One of the clips (mobile phone salesman) had me crying tears over my laptop…Check these out…My favourites.


Pirate Video

Terry Tibbs

Broadband Guy


Free Ring Dings

i like the one with the pigeon in the bank account!!!

the woman in the straw hat one (my wifes having an affair)…lol that gets me everytime

I love the fonejacker, cracks me up.

‘But you get a free ring ding’ :w00t:

Everybody knows a Terry Tibbs…Talk to me…Much Love:D:D:D

Tibbs rules!!:D:D

Upgrade to a downgrade … to a a grade that is currently higher than your current grade! lol

Watch the Mr Botunde … batty bum bum one … that’s soo funny! lol

Shaggy :smiley: