Foggy Respro And Glasses

As it is this time off year, for spec wearers like me anyway, having all sorts of problems with misting up glasses. Fine when on the move as my lid is well ventalated, but coming to a standstill, any breathing outwards results in steamed up glasses & thoughts of “I wonder if those lights have changed yet?” :w00t:

Tried a few things in the past, that Bob Heath spray worked ok, but I didn’t have the self discipline to remember to apply it all the time.

So, I may buy one of those Foggy respro things. Anyone use them whilst wearing glasses? Does it help with cutting out the misting out at all?

Just hold your breath until the lights change:D

On a serious note, I dont wear specs but find the best thing for the visor is a pinlock visor and then open the visor as I am slowing down. Bob Heath spray is supposed to be good on specs as long as you clean and re-apply before every trip. Try a few things and see what works for you, I had a foggy and it was OK but not great on a visor so not sure what it will be like on glasses?

Turning blue or not being able to see, hmm, choices choices :smiley:

The pinlock works fine on my helmet, so no problems there…shame they don’t make them to fit my lenses :slight_smile:

I normally have to keep the visor open a smidge but at the same time keeping your specs clean is a must!

Yeah, thats pretty much what I do at the moment, bit of a pain on the motorways and stuff as it gets very noisy.

Most of time it’s ok, but if I have one of those “deep sigh” or “…and relax” moments, thats when they go. Mind you, as it’s pretty nippy at the moment, at least one of the foggy things would keep my mouth & chin a bit warmer.

They do take a little adjusting to make sure you get them to fit against your face (ie. seal) properly, but once you get it set up the Foggy is brilliant if you need to use glasses when riding - thoroughly recommended !

Can become a bit tricky this time of year…I have the Foggy and it works fine until you use a neck tube as well…hot air has to go somewhere and eventually starts ‘leaking’ through the foggy (as it has got older).

I use ‘Cat crap’ on my glasses now (have a fog city on my visor) and it works really well…still need to apply it everyday to work the best, but it is easy.

Great name “cat crap” :smiley: May have to check that out. Cheers for the tip.

Yeah I think the cat crap will be your best bet - I put my neck tube on this morning then my helmet & glasses, they steamed up like a good un so I rode without them :smiley: