Foe sale BlackBerry Curve 8900 USED with box' charger and data lead

In used condition but works fine with loads of apps and sat nav more info here
Looking for £100 for it. Cheers Steve

That link doesn’t seem to work… but found info by googling

Can you post some photos up to see the condition?

One thing I’m interested in is whether or not you can use the My Location function of Google Maps? I’m assuming as it has GPS this will work but just want to make sure (I tend to find GPS a bit cr*p on most mobiles so will rely on Google Maps… )

Also do you have the manual etc? I’ve been a bit behind with mobiles recently relying on hand me downs so would need to get into the Blackberry way of doing things… :smiley:

Hi Fella would probably be quicker/easier to come look or meet up with my lack of ability to load photo’s on here lol Where is ya?
Cheers Steve