Focussed Events Camera Policy

Can anyone tell me what the definitive deal is with Focussed Events policy on the use of video camera recording equipment on trackdays?

On my trackday with them at Cadwell on 19th July, I was allowed to use my MiniDV cam which is securely mounted to my bike with a custom designed camera mount secured to the filler cap of the bike. I was simply required to sign a form and then all was fine.

However, at Silverstone on Monday, I was stopped just before going on track and asked to remove the camera. I enquired about the aforementioned form, but was refused on grounds of safety (the mount could potentially fly into my rib cage…highly unlikely )

What is the official line as I want to know if it is worth bringing my camera to Donington on Tuesday?


I would be interested to know this as well! I was asked to sign a form at Brands for my bullet-cam setup, even though it wasn’t connected.

i did an msv organised track day at brands recently and if you had a camera on your bike they were cool about it as long as you signed some kind of indemnity form.

I’m not sure what the official policy is but i have noticed that Silverstone is quite strict with safety and keeps a close eye on what’s going on.

Bring the camera to Donington Afro, i think there’s a much better chance of using it there. Providing it’s well secured and not a liability.

We could always put it on my bike…a great teaching aid

You’re on!

AfroR1 my star pupil

I’ve been meaning to get a camera set up for ages but the technology keeps improving and there’s so much to choose from, very confusing.

Guys, I’ve been meaning to get one but not sure which one, what make, do they come with mounting kit or do I have to buy them separately?

Can any of you recommend a good one?


I saw someone with a bullet camera taped to the side of their fairing at Silverstone. I think the problem was just where you have it mounted on your bike, right under your chest.

I am fairly certain Adz has used one there too.

i think adz and johnnybravo both had cameras at silverstone the atc1000/2000 sd type

Facing backwards

One bullet camera facing forwards, and another facing back, and switchable with a button on the handlebar. If you are cunning with mounting the bullet cameras, the chances are, a track day company are not even going to notice

I use a miniDV camera which you can pick up from Amazon for about £150 (Sony make good ones) and I got my mount for about £50 from the US but you can get decent ones here

With this setup you get DVD quality recordings on cheap media (pack of 3 miniDV tapes for about £15) which records an hour per tape.

Easily transferable to a PC with a Firewire cable for editing.

If you want just a plug and play camera and don’t want to really edit what you record, miniDVD cameras are now quite cheap at under £300 (Sony at Amazon again) and you can play what you record straight on your DVD player.