Flyscreen for Gladius, any difference between Givi and Suzuki?

Genuine suzuki = £159 (see: )

Or Givi = £103 (see: )

Any difference really? Will the suzuki one look £50 prettier?

Can I fit either myself (limited knowledge and tools, bear in mind!!)

Many thanks

Id get the M&P one, try it and send it back if it isnt telling them it isnt as advertised. I doubt enough people on here with the Gladius to let you know. Could try and find an all-gladius forum or see if the 650 sites know?

Cracking bike by the way! :smiley:

M&P one looks much better!:smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley:

Also, can that really reduce the wind when I am on the motorway? It looks too small to have any effect…

should do to some extent, the pains of an unfaired bike unfortunetly.

can’t believe those tiny little screens are so flippin expensive! You can get a zero gravity etc for a “normal” bike for about 60quid!