Think I would have chosen a couple of different ones that I’ve seen elsewhere but some of them were pretty cool.

I still can’t do the embed thing ! Someone with some more brains than me stick it up please !!! ta.

(Well I’m not saying I have more brains but here’s the embedded vid as requested…:slight_smile: Panda )

flippin eck, that’s insane! Number 3 has got to be the best!!


Baz when you look at a Youtube vid there should be a little box under the vid screen with Embed on it.

Click this and it should create a link in a little box - with highlighted text in it.

Press ctrl and c together and paste them into a reply by press ctrl and v.

Try that!


some of those were close! :slight_smile:

they were so frecking cool!!!

Total WOW on all vids!

no.4 was my fav all :cool:

What about this one?

some cool shots amongst them. but on one ocassiuon i was 80 foot up a structure in Kent and a harrier pilot passed below me and i’ll swear blind the bastard winked at gotta respect these guys:cool:

:laugh: Great vid, thanks for posting.

3 and 4 are my faves.

Someone please remind me how that odd mist effect works in no. 1?

Tried that but I can’t even make that work ! Ta for sorting it. explained here by a clever person.

That’s a COOL video!!!

No1 is part of Fleet Week in San Francisco, I caught the Blue Angels display there 4 years ago when I happened to be there on a work trip. It’s a completely different & way more awesome perspective standing on the dock & it all happening right in front of you than the usual air display where you’re craning your neck to pick out a few specks thousands of feet away.

Some great photos of the display here:

Check out the ‘Sneak Passes’ folder for the high speed low level passes as featured in the vid.

OMG i absolutley love those clips…there all great and have to admit to being a plane junkie:Whistling: when i was married to my first husband he used to do deliverys to heathrow airport and i always used to go in the hope of catching concorde taking off and was lucky enough to one morning be on the inner road(there were always loads of photographers there) at the bottom of the runway just and it was taking off…yep i stood on top of the transit van roof as it took off and flew over us…the noise was amazing and the smell of aviation fuel was strong but hell it was brilliant that has to rate as my fave experiance:D

Its not just you Baz, i can’t post the embedded version and i have tried it many times:P

I quite like this one :wink:

No 5 was done at Kandahar in Afghanistan, have a look at this one? These Jaguar’s belong to the Royal Air Force of Oman based at Thumrait, I’ve seen what these nutters do at low level in the desert…

Awesome videos! There’s nothing like the feeling of being buzzed by “Fast Air” callsigns! :cool:

Also, reference the pilot winking as he flew past, that wouldn’t surprise me as they get up to all sorts of high jinx! :stuck_out_tongue:



call that low? this is low :stuck_out_tongue:

and an old favourite :slight_smile:

Blimey! The Swiss have an airforce!!!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, given their usual neutral stance when it comes to warfare, that would make those aircraft about as much use as Susan Boyles rape alarm! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

the Swiss have a very firm stance on neutrality, they will shoot/blow up and generally fleece any and all invaders/tourists :slight_smile: Having seen their planes flying through clouds containing lumps of rock such as the Eiger I actually have a lot of respect for the skill of their pilots… any way its hardly their fault that they were banned from international competition during the middle ages due to excessive “enthusiasm” :smiley: