Flying Motorbike !!

OK calling it a “motorbike” is a bit of a stretch but for £14k lets buy one !

lol! only in america

oh i want one HAHA

I want a bigger bike, may see about getting one!!!

I’ve seen Microlites fall out of the sky, they don’t glide like they say they do, I’d never get in something like that!

I’d have a go in a heartbeat…imagine your neighbors surprise when you landed in the middle of the street in one of THOSE!!

Evel knievel tried to patent that but gave up, Lol

That’s just a gyroplane (sometimes called gyrocopter) as used in one of the James Bond films … how can he patent that? … oh yeah I forgot, it’s America!!

Wouldnt want to get stuck behind that at the lights, think of all the c**p that propeller throws up.

Thats just plain stupid, and what characteristics dose it share with traveling by bike, it can’t filter, go round a track fast or even look good