Flying kids to Greece logic problem

So you have two kids and you want to get them to Greece, leave them for 4weeks and collect them at the end.

How do you fly one parent to get them there; and get the other parent to fly out and retrieve them?

Issue I see is that children can’t fly on their own so they need a parent, but you can only have one parent’s name on the booking.

A bit harder than getting the fox, chicken and bag of seeds across the river

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Ok so I fly out and return with them, and I have another flight (from and to) in between.

Can’t do it with both parents.

Book one way ticket to get there with one parent then a one way ticket to get back with the other parent.
Each parent buys a one way ticket for the journey they are on their own.

Put them in a box and send them by UPS overnight.

Problem solved and the parents can carry on about their business.

p.s. make sure you send the tracked!


Book a one way flight out and after three weeks six days say they were kidnapped and the authorities will fly them home with a suitable escort.

Hopefully one with big tits

And definitely not Prince Andrew.

Most airlines allow unaccompanied minors, you need to get the special unaccompanied minor tickets, sign them in at boarding and have an adult collect them and sign them out at the destination airport. Once you’ve signed them in the airline hangs an ID pouch containing their tickets and passport around their neck and a stewardess accompanies them to check in and for the entire flight, handing them over to your nominated adult collecting them at the destination airport upon production of photo ID. That’s how we sent our 11 year old off to France with Air France in the 1980’s to stay with friends for the 6 week summer holidays.

Different airlines have different unaccompanied minor rules most seem to be for 11-16 year olds but it varies. The market leader as it were is Norwegian Air who appear to allow 5-15 year olds as unaccompanied minors. Check with the airlines covering the various routes to Greece.

Good news I found this

I thought the budget carriers don’t? And the national carriers charge handsomely for it; it’s cheaper for a parent to take a day off work and accompany them.

One of my friends told us he was shipped off to boarding school on his own when he was seven, his parents took him to the train station and told him how to get to the school.

The obvious answer is separate bookings.

Don’t forget, if one parent accompanies them out and the other accompanies them back, you need to make sure their names match on passports. Me and my partner are not married and we decided early on our daughter would only use one of our names for her simplicity, we didn’t want to burden her with a double-barrelled encumbrance. It’s meant more paperwork for us when the parent whose name she is not carrying is travelling alone with her.

Do the research @Michael748 the budget carries don’t, that’s how they keep their prices low.

Aegean Airlines do and quote 40 Euro for International flights to and from Greece on their website for the service

Yep easyJet doesn’t allow unaccompanied kids… hence the problem.

Will look at Aegean later!

Thanks NT

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That’s what I thought.

He’s a treasure.