Florianopolis Brasil! Full moon photo!

This photo is from Florianopolis Brazil. I grew up going to this place 3 months a year! Miss it so much…



Very pretty!

Great picture.

Wow, that’s an amazing photo, Cezar! Hrm, gives me some ideas! The trouble is, London is painted in so much amber lighting, the pictures won’t look like this

Yeah … fantastic picture!! Nice one Cezar!

One of London’s best night time assets has to be Tower Bridge. I’ve often thought about going down & getting some good bike shots down there … the trouble is where to park it. Might have to go down there 4AM in the Summer … straight from the Ace.

First you have to get rid of the clouds mate! lol

Looks good, if a little suspicious. Long exposure shots usually change the colours but these are all true(ish) so mebbe it’s been corrected.

Still a fine city-scape, no doubt.

NICE photo… such a beautiful place Cezar, And you moved to England, WHY???

Very nice photo Cezar…

I didn’t suppose to stay here… All for love! Please don’t give me credit for that photo! I got it by email from a friend that has a flat in the same building that my parents have one. He was trying to make me jelous as soon as he saw that tomorrow can snow here… (bbc forecost)

SNOW? Blimey…