Floods in Jamaica wash away rural bridge

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so mean yet so funny haha

You are a heartless bunch of tossers if you think the privations of people suffering a natural disaster buggered about with by some video editor is funny.

The video is funny but I do agree with the Jets. Doesn’t seem that anyone was hurt though:)

Lighten up with the sanctimonious Western guilt, Jetstream.

I can assure you that as a Jamaican, we (both home and abroad) find this very light-hearted, and is part of the way we deal with the inevitability of annual natural disasters which befall us as a consequence of our geographic lot. If not a hurricane, then passing tropical weather systems seem to do this every year, and we are well overdue for the big quake to match the one which bounced Haiti, at the other end of the faultline.

The fact is that no-one died and the report being put on the local news increases the chances that local politicians will take heed and speed up the response of the public works agency and army engineers to build a temporary bridge. This is in much the same way that after years of putting up with a rutted track, the people of Sherwood Content had the road through their village repaved within months of their famous resident, Usain Bolt, shattering records at the Beijing Olympics.

The video illustrates several of the defining characteristics of Jamaican people, of which we are proud; resilience in adversity, enterprise, community spirit and the strange compulsion of many to start speaking in a bizarre unnatural accent of indeterminate origin (in the way of Clift Brown) whenever a TV camera is turned on them.

The exposure has already given Clift Brown his 15 minutes in the limelight and he will be enjoying a summer of public appearances and voicing “dub-plates” for local DJs. Hopefully, once the waters are no longer in spate, some sort of temporary crossing will be fashioned and Clifton can once more ride his orange China special bike in his builder’s helmet. :smiley:

To follow up…