525 exc, I got this bike a few weeks back but it’s been on the stand with the wheels being rebuilt, anyway, I started the bike last week to check the battery and run the motor but forgot to turn the fuel tap off, now the engine won’t turn over with the starter motor and as the bike is on it’s stand I can’t try the kick start, would leaving the fuel tap on flood the engine? and whats the procedure to clear it?

Sounds like flat battery to me.

Won’t flood the engine. If the float valve sticks open excess fuel will exit through the breathers - unless the breathers are blocked too, but that’s most unlikely.

BTW to clear flooded carb (under normal circumstances) hold the exhaust valve lifter open and kick it over half a dozen times - some peeps say hold throttle wide open too to get max airflow but I’ve never found that necessary. Restart with throttle shut.

That would explain why the battery was being charged when I picked the bike up then, it’s fooked :w00t:New battery ordered :cool:Why arn’t people more honest these days, whats the big deal in saying the battery needs changing, like I would say I didn’t want the bike cause of a shagged battery!

Annoys the hell out of me! Went to view a bike for a mate. Kwaka, lovely bike, low miles, kept dry, said all was good. Got 10miles down the road and the rectifier issues kicked in. WTF didnt he just tell me, I wouldnt have then possibly ridden it home without support car but still bought it. Rec was £30! annoying to say the least

tbh my battery is strong on my 525 but if not used for a few weeks i need to kick it over and once ridden for 20mins it fires up all the time. when selling my old 640sm the battery went fooked the day the fella come to buy it then lock on fuel cap broke at same time:crazy: looked like i knew they was fooked but was just bad luck to me:hehe:

I fitted a charging plug in the air filter panel to save removing the seat and fully charged the battery 3 days ago, now it’s flat, thats a fooked battery :w00t:

sounds fooooooooooooked to me then:D

Never had any problems with my battery going dead. Even when i came back from 3 months in belize my bike fired up straight away using the leccy start. Watch it pack up now ive said that :hehe: