Flood 0 - Farmer 1



see! paranoia does pay off :w00t:

but i would hate to have been his postman!

Surely he should of built up not down…:w00t:

nice, albeit I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

If the water did go in then he would have a rather large pool :smiley:

Use your brain Jewell!

Of course he HAD to build up. That’s not a hole he’s dug there… it’s just a missive mud-wall around his compound.

Or did you know this and was jokin’??? :hehe:


Think of a pyramid shape…so you take mud from the perimeter and pile it in the middle making a “small hill” like area hence “king of the castle” looking down on the world. Hes basically kept “sea level” and built some big walls…

the house was there already. he just “sand bagged” it:P

All i see is a mini Brooklands race track for mx bikes :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine the back flips into the water :cool: