Flip-Up Helmet question


I am looking at getting a flip-up helmet for the scooter commute to the station each day. I tried on a Caberg Trip XL on the weekend and my chin touched the front once the lid is down.

Any ideas on a flip-up helmet for guys with long chins like myself. Looking at spending about £150


£150 for surgery to the Chin or for the Lid ?

Joking aside…Macp uses this kind of Kit…He,ll be the one to ask !

Firstly,welcome to the site.With your helmet,the only way is to go and try as many as you can and see what fits.Helmets can vary quite a lot.

Had a mate who wanted a Shoei but could not get one to fit his head,had to stick with Arai.A bit more expensive than you want but i use a Shoei Syncrotec at work,nice comfortabe helmet.Good luck with your search!!!

Don’t get the Trip! I did and soon found out that the top of the visor doesn’t seal properly so water gets inside and runs down the inside of the visor. Not good for visibility.

If the helmet touches your chin I would suggest it dont fit properly. As Broady has said helmet shapes vary, even different models by the same manufacturer. So try loads on until you get one that you are comfortable with. It prolly wont be the one you want.

I am lucky, my head is just perfect for a 57cm Corsair

try the HJC one as HJC are generally good for people with long faces/heads. Its pretty new to the HJC line up but do not think it is that expensive.

It would have been nice and polite if your first post was to introduce yourself.

The ultimate helmet for long faces

The Schubeth flip ups are really comfy - can’t recommend them enough :slight_smile:


Could be worth looking at a Roof Boxer??


Nolan Flip ?

Nolans are not good for long faces. My face is rather round, but I still scrape my chin on the chin guard.

pmsl !!

I have a long-chinned-head. Shoei synchrotecs and Schuberths don’t work for me. The old nolans didn’t work (N-101s), but the new (N-102) flip works fine. As does my old HJC Sy-max (I think the updated model is called a CL-max).