Flip screen or double bubble?

My commute is 45-55 miles (each way) of motorway or country roads on an ER6-F. I feel that a new screen would probably make it alittle more comfortable. Primarily I’m after more protection, less wind noise and less of a need to duck behind the screen at higher speeds. I’m quite tall (6ft2) so the standard screen does sit too low. Which of these types will be better? I’ll probably buy one from skidmarx.

Cheers :slight_smile:

i’d say flip screen would be your best bet then

I’ve got a “zero gravity” double b on the blade but i aint as tall…cant fault it, great for mile munching. flip could be the way forward.

Flips are best for bolt-upright touring, I’ve used both and the flip I have on my VFR 750 makes highspeed cruising a doddle.

Nate :smiley: