Flats Taking Dapiss

Flatout !!!

Now we know what he gets up to…

Cross reference the pics to the pics in the Christmas Bash !!!


LONDON (Reuters) - Police said on Friday they were hunting a man who stole a urinal from a pub toilet. The suspect walked into the Royal Oak pub in Southampton, ordered half a pint of beer and then made several visits to the men’s toilet. There he carefully removed a white urinal from the wall, stuffed it into a rucksack and was captured on closed circuit television walking out with the bulging sack on his back. “He made a very, very expert job of dismantling it from the wall and turning the water off. A very professional job,” landlord Alan Dreja said in a video posted on the Southampton Daily Echo newspaper’s Web site. A police spokesman said the thief may have been a tradesman. “One of the theories is the guy is some sort of cut-price plumber who is going round and stealing parts to order,” he said.





Flats you’ve been rumbled mate!

hahah Urinals £50 fitted


How ya doing Geez…long time no see !!..

We always knew he was a pi*s taker!! Boom boom

Funny as !

Flat do we get a lb discount on them toilets ?

yeah im good, but stripping bathrooms of its whites is killing my back…

I always wondered what that smell was…

I thought you was incontinent !!

tip to myself, dont remove urinal that i pissed in prior to removal

You got a new bike yet barro ?

Not yet mate…next week…been working nights so it aint that bad…seeya soon !!

ok kool

Cya soon