Flatouts saturday night ride.....

Saturday 9th June will be the first 2007 Flats saturday night ride to the coast Details to follow in this post this week… Clear your diary


link for one of last years

Details will follow shortly

Duly noted.

If destination x is nice may stay over for a dirrrrty weekend aye!

Our first rideout was a “Flats coastal” to Portsmouth

Would have joined you for sure if we weren’t in TT land


That was also my 1st ever ride out, what a scary day

Sounds great Flats, look forward to more info

Should be able to make it

Hopefully I can make it as well

Bugger, would like to come, but have a stag weekend that weekend…

Im always up for a nighttime blast, count me in unless anything unforseen happens…

yeah count me in, i do hope its later in the day and not too early?

oh god, I’ll be workiong until 4pm. If it starts after that, then I’m still in.

count me in

sounds like fun!

If I’m back up and running by then, aye, I’m game.

ay ay cap’n vfr at the ready

sounds good to me, count us in plz


2 VFR’s

If I’m aloud Flat’s?

YES SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN, i am deffo coming!!!

Will wave to ya the other side of the channel - as AJ and I will be in France…

Im in…have to see if Andreas up for this and Jackie?