Flatouts Saturday night ride to Hastings

Well here we go again its finally here with the third instalment I proudly present Flatouts third saturday night ride too…

… Hastings!!! Bumper cars fish & chips and arcades… this will be bigger and better and with more entertainment than bognor and better

weather than brighton this will be taking place on Saturday the 19th August as per my previous post there will be

two meet points for north and south london. The first point will be at The ace cafe for 3:30pm as it will take about an hour to get to the second meet point so we will be heading down Hanger lane by 4pm so no dithering I will lead this pack to the second meet point which is the locksbottom BP petrol station by the hospital off the A21 on the A232 Bromley (Pallent way) anyone making there way to this second meet point must be there for 5pm no hanging about once the 1st meet has arrived, there will be a breif minute for pleasantrys and a breifing of the route which will be as straight forward as the bognor. There will be No motorways so this is open to all but the route from the ace to Locksbottom will involve the south circ top part of the A3 before getting back on the south circ untill we drop off onto the A21 so there will be traffic so filtering will be expected once out of london its nice roads i promise you. If you cant make the meet points just let us know your comming and meet us there Adam M style, it would also be benificial for you to look in an A to Z to familarise yourself with routes or meets, as with previous rides i get the pm asking where were going and how we getting there and where we are meeting!! all the day before, But no one will get left behind!!!

Also bring your locks and chains so we can leave the bikes no point going if your not gonna walk away from them and please you riders that came with tinted visors last time and rode home in the pitch black still wearing them bring the clears. Big thanks to my side kick sincere (lou) and her other half for assitance on the route, meeting points and attractions she is official tour guide for the night…


route from the ACE

A406, A205, A3, A205, A21

A232 for 200yds to the BP petrol station.

route from BP to Hastings

A21, A224 (missing the 25)

back on the A21, we will regroup

outside Hastings

Newbies welcome, look at the pics from last time lets make this one to remember

Thanks LB any Qusetions PM me

Now get ya fu*kin name down…


chocfawn (ace meet)

sincere(BP) deffo


Benny-beneili (Bp) deffo

Adam M (ace meet)deffo

Jay (ace) deffo

macp (BP) deffo

j.k.(ace but i doubt it)

blade if allowed (bp) deffo

weets (bp) maybe

Flatout (ace) deffo

Cezar (ace)


andrea(bp) deffo

Ginge(ace) deffo

terry + karen (ace)deffo

ade (ace) possibly

cfc(ace) deffo

Adam h + christoff(bp) deffo

maxrevs(ace) deffo

Kwaked up +1 (ace)deffo




Taz the boss (bp)deffo will let me know should he not

flick (ace) deffo


toby(ace) deffo


alwite feller!!!

if i have no commitments i will be there!!

people i need to know where you are meeting the ace cafe or Locksbottom BP??? so we not left guessing who is where!!!

Im gona try make it for the BP!! nice one Si your a legend

Alright Flatout keep your thong on!!

Chocfawn, Ace

less lip girl, read it first




Ace Cafe

Flats, you do this deliberately, I’m convinced you do !

I’m working a late shift that day (4pm - 2am) and won’t be able to get out of it !

I promise I’ll make one before christmas !!

me and brandy at the ACE CAFE, just incase you cant read!! ha ha


chocfawn (ace meet)

Benny-beneili (Bp i think)

Adam M (bp meet)

westfazer ACE CAFE

Didnt know there was bumper cars at hastings??? was there a couple of months ago and didnt see sod all?? Theres a small (tiny) arcade and a crazy golf course? but didnt see any fairground type? But still…ok, theres no point me making it to the ace first? cos the Dartford Bridge and A21 is just up the road to me? SO if ive got my bike, IF i can ride it? i will prob go to the other meet place?

Wont know if i can ride bike? gotta go back to hosp tomorro and find out if knee needs op…would u believe it, they have left me walking round like this for 5 weeks, now they are saying i need a camera in the knee, they need to “clean it out” and it needs draining THEN they will be able to tell the extent of damage and if i need op!!! thats our NHS for ya folks !!

All the secrecy…all the pomp and pagentry…for Hastings !!

get out of it man…I thought ya were garna post a a right stonka te somewhere like Whitely Bay man !!!

Jesus…anyone in Hastings that dont remember WW1 ??..


drop me out !

depressed and saddened barro !!


My eyes hurt, no more big text

its an eve out with people and bikes its about having laugh and the company Most coastel towns are the same Barro its summin to do for afew hours and a nice ride down, but i did hear some one say that you think your bike would turn into a pumpkin if it goes out of london… its gonna be a laugh either way get your name down, besides been informed by a native theres enough to keep us happy for a few hours…

You only wanna go whitley bay because your hair is the right colour

Shall try and make it mate…not putting my name down just yet because of finances, but if all is good I’ll be there

Yeah as Paul said mate…finances !!!

There isnt a hope in hell I,ll have this one Flats…all secret…gonna be great.!!!

It probably will but I just wish you told me before I knobbed off a days pay that im gonna be going to an OAP Graveyard for more money than its costing me to got to France for the weekend mate !

Fooks sake mate…even the Bumper Cars there are Model T Fords !!!

End Of !

i wont be organising no more rides after this as im ****ed off with everyone ****in moaning