Flatout's Party

Just wanted to say I had a lovely time at Flat’s party last night. It was weird seeing some Lb’ers without their motorbike kit, looking all glam without helmet hair, lol.

Looking forward to seeing the photos - especially the ones Toby-1-kenobi took

I hope all the riders got home safely

i got home safetly only cost me 8 pound to get home

but i feel like **** cant keep any fluid down had a good night

some of the female lbers do scrub up well

The photos are coming!

The flickr set is here

Very bad movie off my camera -


I can honestly say that was one of the best parties I’ve been to in ages, great music, great company, and I didn’t touch a drop of the silly juice…!


I couldn’t go looked like a good night

Great pics, can’t wait to see more!!!

Ginge - I’m not suprised you’re not feeling well, lol. I was quite sensible and by leaving when I did I saved myself the misery of a hangover today! I only had 4 or 5 drinks (doubles ) and I was tidley!!

Right, I’m off out for a ride.

Just got home A good night had by all. Daren’t comment on the pics till I’ve seen the rest!

Too early for wit, unlike the lightweights who got to bed early and are already out riding

Catch up with you in a bit

okay they’re all up 57 in total plus the movie (above)

Great pics, M Thanks to Flats and Loopy Lou and the rest of the LB gang for a fab night out!

Flats, apologies for walking straight past you when I arrived. You look like a different person in a suit

nice work as ever M

like the “chest shot” lol

Si your a star…

thanks Simon and Gilly for a great evening…(just dropped Ty off at the airport, gone for another 2 months, so needed cheering up)

lovely to be with such a happy crowd of really nice people

and i wish to apologise to Tobi…sorry mate didnt recognise you with the beard and by the time i found out who the cameraman was, you had left…sincere apologies for blanking you as i walked in…

thanks to JohnyBusa and his lady Lou for putting up with me all night and to Sincere and Flyby who allowed me to take them back to the Travelodge rather than them pay £20 for a 5min taxi ride!!!..good luck with the flying lessons mate

thank you everyone

Good work Matt- Got off lightly in the pics then

Nice to have met a few more faces to go with the names.

A top night out

Cheers Si and Gilly,had a great night with a great bunch of people,glad i got to meet a few more LBers :beer:


I just wanted to say thank you to Simon for a lovely party. To his mum for making such a lovely spread. Am feeling a little squiffy round the edges today

Nice one matt for the pics.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!! - breakfast was lovely thank you

I was very pleased to meet some new faces.

well what can i say, the night was a blast, absolutely fantastic. thanks to Si and Gilly and Si’s mum for a great party

glad to see none of my bad dancing was caught on camera!! - mind you i was a little biit tipsy by then!!!

Salee thank you sooooo much for the lift back to the travel lodge, it was really appreciated

btw, flying lessons start on the 18th november ta

right i’m off to catch up on some sleep

nice pics matt well taken

i must have had about 12 drinks but they were all double jd and coke im felleing alright now but this morning was a nightmare bringing up the yellow stuff from inside my stomach

see you all soon and im not tou ching another drop of the bloody stuff the i should have just stuck to coke

Great pics Matt and the vid made me smile…hee hee…u all looked so scrubbed up… All the ladees looked the biz and Si and Gilly looked the ideal couple…didnt recognise him in that suit with no “yellow” to be seen !!!

Will see u at Romford dogs though…so catch up then…

Matt love the pic’s, the video made me cringe slightly had a really good time, and Si looked dashing in his suit … shame i didnt see much of him when we got home, i went bed alone … think something to do with too much alcohol & the kitchen floor was more appealling

At work today & im gonna sit here & not move all day, my legs are aching sooooo much… from all the dancing of course

Was a brilliant evening, and thank you all for coming

Kitchen floor??? dunno what your talkin about babes??? you must have drunk far to much

Oh sorry babe i got that wrong,let me correct myself … half your body was on the kitchen floor & your head was hanging out the patio door …