Flatout's BIG rideout

Sunday 21st October Details to follow in the coming week…weather is looking “unsettled” for next few weeks fingers crossed it will be dry by then i know its a few weeks away but the weekend before is BSB and I darent clash with that not after last time!!! so the 21st it is so you will have to record the GP if thats your thing.

This will be jus short of 300 miles round trip only 6 miles of motorway involved each way fast sweeping A roads no cameras, and car drivers that move out the way:) start point will be the ace may do fast and slow group depending on size. (volunteers needed)


NO arseholes;)

Sorry already away that weekend.

Nice one Flats! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: Come rain or shine, you know there’ll be a big following!

Excellent - Debs & I will be there :smiley:

300 miles, forkinell are we going to Bristol :ermm:

Thats 4 tankfulls for me:blink:

NO arseholes, does this mean loopy will be leaving you at home that day

if you need any help give me a ring. c m system should be good enough

Erm erm, no Arseholes ? oh go on Flats let me come :unsure:

righto! i shall be coming, please put my name down!:w00t:

bloody hell thought you’d emigrated ;)…weather permitting ill be there yeha:hehe:

Cool beans! :smiley:

Can’t wait for you to tell us destination X


Sounds good to me, will confirm closer to the time-supposed to be moving house around that date.

first day back at work for me…dam…dam…dam…:doze:

bluddy gutted…woulda liked to have come on this one…

move it to sat?:smiley:


Count me in, I’ll try and be on this one.

I rekon France… (driver out of way comment?)

UK destination of course… and Terry you can come your not an arsehole!!!and smiled Book a day off holiday its a month away…and chunky terry will need about 5 fuel stops each way i done exactley a tank of fuel each way when i did this run earlier this month and i wasnt hanging about either

Best stick me down as a volunteer then :wink: :slight_smile:

I only get 80 miles before my fuel light comes on, but then again these old legs are glad of a stretch by then;):smiley:

I get about 60 miles including reserve :rolleyes: So we’ll be able to fill up together & have fun catching up :hehe: :slight_smile:

you dont need to volunteer to be an arsehole

Im in Flats…back marker slow group…anything…dont matter !!