Flatouts Autumn Norfolk Rideout!

Gallery now up! Please remember to use the new comments system we have for the galleries :slight_smile:


A truely great day Simon and everyone else involved., a huge thank-you to you!

This is an awesome pic Jay…Not just because it features me…Love it :laugh:

excellent pics :slight_smile:

Brilliant pictures Mate

nice pics as always J…
thumbs up :Whistling: :smiley: :ermm:

Some good shots, thanks Jay :slight_smile:

brilliant pics jay, really captures the day!!:slight_smile:

Top shots as usual! :smiley:

Cheers! Apologies to anyone who isn’t correctly named or named at all in the galleries. I have a hard time remembering everyone’s names and not much time to get these galleries up. If you let me know about any corrections I can put them in place.

Great Pictures as always!

Get your camera checked Jay, makes my hair look really grey :ermm:

Nice shots :cool:

well done jay!

not easy geting loads of good pics… result!!

afro the visor makes you look like a cyborg… :slight_smile:

Great pics Jay, summed up the day brilliantly…:smiley:


What a great gallery!!

Top work J, some sweet pics and they caught the atmosphere perfectly.

I especially like all the ones of me :cool:

nice work jay top job mate… you captured the day well

some nice pics of loops in motion :smiley: she loves em

brilliant pics Jay, thanks :smiley:

your pics are wicked Jay, [ i like roundabouts ] what happened to my pics

brillant pic’s jay! … my first group rideout & i loved it. :smiley:

Top man Jay!!!

Looked like a great day AND IT WAS! :smiley: