Flatouts 3rd saturday night coastel ride

Due to the popularity of the last ride i will be organizing another but it seems every time i get a weekend some one stakes a claim so what with the Ruby night and the possibility bikers bash part 2 and my own commitments the next ride to the sea side on a saturday night (destination to yet to be decided) will be


i know its afair way off but if i dont say now the week will be taken watch this space or ask me for details any ideas for a good destination please PM me it will be a laff…

details to follow in the next week or so, HANDS OFF ITS MY WEEKEND

Bognor gallery just incase your umming and arring


Put me down, I am free. Had plans to wash my hair that weekend, but it will just have to wait.

Nice one flats, count me in!

Anyone putting there names down here i will pm the full details to you once i have them ask around my rides are cool and this also gets enough time for you to book off the day if your working watch this space…


go on then flats put me down see if you can win that bear this time???

Weaver its a steady pace and its gonna be long hot summer night, there was concerns about being left behind last time but the only person who got left was me waiting for people who had already passed im sure you could manage it… thanks for making it all sticky

Bike and knee willing? Put me down for this one?

I’m in!!

Have you been given permission girls… eh???

im all over that like a rash

Me Me Me!!!

Let me know when you have decided on a destination and i will see what i can do…


details next week dude

Cheers flats,will let ya know whether i can make it when i get the details


I did and my mommy said it was ok…

Would love to go but not sure a cbr 125 would make it all the way to Brighton and back in one piece.

Damn availability of test dates in London. I wish I had taken my DAS months back now

Brighton has been and done not sure where yet but unfortunatley we will have to hit a motorway im sure let me see where we are gonig 1st…


Never mind

Just imagine passed test and all but riding cbr 125

If we can stay off the motorways, then no reason why a 125 wouldn’t make it. I went to Cornwall twice, and Dorset practically every other weekend on a 125 scooter not so many years ago.

Please count me in by the way