Flatout for Host

Before anybody puts me right, I know he should put himself up but underneath the humour he is really rather shy and retiring.

Looking at the Hosts we now have I feel that he would fit in perfectly.

Obviously he would need to accept the role but if enough votes come in he may be persuaded.

So first vote from me.


He gets my vote, think he’ll make an excellent host

Ha ha…it would certainly add some “zing” to things…but it might change him? he might not be so…well…funny!!! But yeh if he thinks its worth his while…he will get my vote too…

he gets my vote too

Flaster for host

and my vote! flats for host’!!

Cant think of anyone better, great idea. yea come on Flats ya know ya wanna … xx

Ann x

Never mind host, I reckon Jay should make him a mod

Anyway, vote numba 7 from me…thats if he wants to be an host

didn’t he resign earlier on ? te he he :Another vote for the shy and retiring flatster


That’s a yes then

its an aye from me too

And a big YES from me too

well that’s it then he’s got ten votes,and may i be the first to congratulate flats as a host…right you yellow bellied, yellow riding girls blouse, what ya got to say about that then ?

Only took 30 minutes too

Hell Yeah! Flat’s for host… but…only if i get ‘special host’ attention

hey loops you get to ride on the yellow banana don’t you!

Oooohhhhh yeh!!! if thats what u wanna call it

you can call it what you like baby… especially when your riding it hard and fast…oops when im riding it fast and hard

HMMM so you ride your yella banana hard and fast eh??? Wheres this then? Have any of us seen that occurance then? surely the host with the most…doesnt ride hard OR fast??? Surely he is a credit to the speed camera?

Another vote from me too.

Welcome aboard flats!!