Flat Track School

Gauging interest and wanna do this so was hoping with a group of us may get discount. Not sure if anyone has done it before but looks a laugh website states prices from £159 runs 10-4 in Lincoln. Wear your own bike gear and they supply everything else




this is that weird type of riding where the bike slides like it’s on marbles right?

would definitely be up.for it but Lincoln seems so far away…

Only 3 hours? I’d travel up the night before, course finishes at 4 so would be back in time for bed time :grin:

3.5-4 for me and yeah when you factor in acommodation etc it becomes a pricey day out… if it was up to 1.5hrs each way I’d do it quite easily, a bit like golding barn

I’m interested.  More informatin required though as their website does not state group sizes, how many groups, or time on & off per group.  

I’ve emailed them asking those questions

Any thoughts on when you’d like to do this Curtis?

Around Apr/may time

Do you get to go both ways, or just get yer left foot, shoulder and left side of head in the dirt?

Mr Jet your a star!

A group of 8 of us did this from surreytrf last year… pete boast is excellent…and the course is loads of fun and very educational. .the last two hours was just a series of races round his track.

we stayed over at a bnb round the corner  … was cheap  … and if you took road bikes you could make a weekend of it  … the only thing is  … they are kids bikes …so quite small … but we are all 6ft and it was fine  … but dont think you are going to get on a bit ktm 450 and drift it round the oval within 30mins … plus you have to wear a metal shoe on your feet so your left leg f*cking kills for the next few days … someone with a big farm needs to do this down south somewhere … its great fun and great practice 

if you time it right the lowes twins or guy martin might be there riding round  … and if you get good enough you can have a few laps on the big 450 bike  … no brakes and 1 gear  … NOW that was well worth proving myself in the training for  …

The picture above  … you see that hill in the middle … during the day … instead of the oval  … you end up turning left and jumping over the hill  …he calls it the TT course  … cos of the “mountain” …

I wasn’t expecting to be pro by the end of it lol thought it would be a fun day out and a chance to try learn some new skills which it looks like

Got a reply from the owner who states it’s max group of 12 divided into 2 groups and no real classroom as such and continuous track time with teaching and mentoring whilst you’re waiting to go back on track.

So provisional date looks like Weds 11th May so far but that’s not set in stone