Flat Battery

i am hoping someone can pin this down a bit for me.

I popped out for a blast today and my gxs-r 750 srad (a 98 model), everything was running normal until i stopped after about 10 miles for a packet of fags, the battery was flat. I managed to push start the bike and headed for home with no lights on to try and conserve any electrical power, anyway i stopped at another shop and when i came out it started first time on the button. I rode the last mile or so home with the lights on and low and behold when i got home the battery was flat again.

\does any one know if there is a weakness in the wireing any where that might cause this.

Fluid levels sound?

Check the terminals for corrosion?

10 miles isn’t enough to charge the battery and it would just drain charge. So maybe you should let it run for 30 minutes or so…

If it the original battery (almost 9 years old…) then I might suggest getting a new battery and keeping the bike on a battery tender, not a trickle charger mind you because that can over-charge the battery.

thanks for that mate, the fluid levels are ok and the terminals are all clean.

the strange part is that it went flat after 10 miles with the lights on

recharged in 8 miles with no lights

went flat in 2 miles with the lights on.

Although it is as far as i know the original so maybe there lies the problem.

Same thing happened on my Gixxer after being in hospital tried charging the battery tonnes of times sometimes it was okay for a few days, sometimes a 5min ride was enough to kill the battery as I had a broken leg bumping the bike took far to much energy, so I dashed the old battery in the bin and got a new one problem sloved

Hope that helps


As the battery ages it get sulphated and unable to hold a charge / charge properly. If you have a trickle charger like an optimate for example they normally have a check sequence and show a badly sulphated / discharged battery after a check - they can bring a bettery back to health however as they say eventually even they can’t restore one.

If you can using one of these chargers if you can will keep it in tip top condition.

as far as i know the battery from new will last approx 2 years if your lucky,if you do short trips every day this is not enough to re-charge the battery…
in this case you would need to put on optimate over night and it helps the battery and if it drop’s below the charge limit will re-charge the battery on its own with out damaging it.

but sounds like you could have a charging problem i would get it checked out 1st…but if the battery is over 2yrs old i would replace it anyway…

but check the charge rate…

i do short trips on mine and i had alarm fitted always went bloody flat if i left it for more than a day,as the alarm does draw from the battery and as i was not riding enough this did not help matters,took alarm off never had a problem…
i last left it for two weeks,started up first time,when i started it i had left the lights off as thats draws extra volts…

Thanks for all the tips, the one thing you seem to agree on is the battery is knackered, right now the thing is attached to an Accumate cahrger thingy and tomorrow is its last of survival.

One last question Where is the best place to get a replacement battery?

any local bike shop to you should stock it but check round as prices do vary…

the only place i found one on the shelf wanted £50, i thought it was a bit pricey but will have to keep looking for one that i can get at.

Buy a decent quality battery, I made mistake of buying a cheap one, an in the end bought a decent one, and have had no problems since.

how would you recognise a good quality one if you saw it, manufacturer, price etc?

decent one is yusa i think it’s spelt…

once you get the battery you will need to fill it with the acid all comes in a kit,very easy to do,fill the battery leave so the acid drains in ,then leave to stand in a vented area for 30 mins to get rid of gases,then you seal it with the top provided,this turns it into a sealed battery…
then put the battery on the optimate to give it it’s fullist charge about 4-5 hrs will do then you can put it on bike…and off you go

you will be looking at paying £50 to £70 depending on where you buy as said…

batterys do come dry charged but this is not its full charge,always best to give it a bit of a head start.

never buy a battery that has already been filled as you dont know how long its been standing on there shelf for and could find yourself in the same situation…

hope this helps

Good advice and I think it’s Yuasa, but I could be wrong

thanks for the spelling check m8,i thought i was wrong :wink:

After a couple of bad experiences with cheap batteries and ruined battery boxes/fairings, I only put Yuasa batteries in my bikes now.

the saga aint fininshed yet, bought new battery and got it fitted and runnung properly. Everything was looking good for a litle run over to Excel and home via Blackheath tea stall(bleedin place, cant ride past without stopping for tea)any way i got home and turned it off again and feeling very pleased with myself.

I opened the garaged door and thought i would start it up to move it into the garage, would you beleive the bleedin thing wont start.

so i have contacted a mehanic/elecrtician and it is over to him now.

Do the electrics come on? Could be rectifier, or it could be the starter motor itself.

the electrics all come on, everything seems normal until i hit the button then the electrics go out, it might make a few clicking noises (at one point i thought it was just a loose wire), if i release the button the electrics come back on again.

if i bump start it you would not know there was a problem, once it is running.

Sounds like a flat battery. Erm that’s where we started no? Get yourself a trickle charger (Optimate etc) so you can charge it yourself. Guess something’s draining the battery?

If you have access to a multimeter measure the voltage across the battery when the bike is running, this should be a steady 13.5-14.5v or thereabouts… if it’s low or wildly high (i.e. 18v) then reg/rec is most likely stuffed… continue to run it like this at your peril - you’ll fry your battery and be another 50 notes lighter…

i got a new reg/rec from these peeps - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Lichtmaschinenregler-de bargainous compared to the £150 odd that Onda want for one.

If the reg rec is ok then suspect something is draining the battery - alarm(?)