got flashed at the weekend, and now have this worrying me for the next 2 weeks…still on prov as das is comming in a month but it was digital camera on hornsey road…really pissed off and worried about it as im now halfway to no license before i even have on…probably :frowning:

any words of wisdom would help of course i should not have been over the limit but mistakes happen…

Ouch! I can’t offer words of wisdom but you have my sympathy. That’s an absolute bummer.:pinch:

Are you sure it was the camera that flashed because as far as I know the digital ones dont flash so could have been a reflection off of something that you thought was a flash :slight_smile:

I went and took a look and its very high up,higher than a normal gatso and doing some googling it seems to be the new digital type…but like you say they dont flash…but there were 2 flashes i saw … mmmm

It is usually only the forward facing ones that don’t flash (they do flash but not in visible wavelengths). Some of the digital cameras only flash at night.

Fingers crossed for you, Rich!

And watch out for dodgy blokes in large coats… :wink:

there are markings on both sides of the road and the camera was on my side so its fron was pointing to the back of me as i drove past it. was slightly angled over the road too…it was def a digi one

fingers crossed mate - the two flashes seems weird for a new digital though…

maybe i’m paranoid but i hope it was a car flashing or a prankster…

what you encountered is called a Speedcurb camera. They dont work by markings in the road. They work a loop under the road that detects your speed between the two points and causes the camera to take your picture.

This camera doesnt seem to flash. There is one in Clapham and I am awaiting a possible ticket from this camera from before my accident. I dont believe it got caught but you never know.

If its a tiny box up on a high pole, yep they flash, there’s one at the top of my road. They are digital too, the control box is a gery box by the side of the road ( but you can’t destroy the data if you’ve been caught, not that anyone would think about it :Whistling: )

well…it seems i have been done…i just have to wait for the letter now…lets hope they screw up and send the letter to spain or something like that eh … :slight_smile:

Try to chill out, Just wait and see… I got flashed 3 times on my way home from work one night a few months back, The first I couldnt believe was me (Just over the highway near tower bridge) And then twice in the limehouse link!!! I was in a panic but I knew it obviously wasnt me speeding I was doing 30ish as I use the road all the time. Just wait it out, Im sure if its more than 2 weeks then you dont have to worry (Please correct me if im wrong anyone?) Joey;)

just got some more info on the machine…

it takes 3 pictures, 2 wide shots to show you were moving and 1 zoom shot on the plate, at night it needs to flash 3 times once for each shot…it only flashed twice for me…but they work for both lanes of traffik even if the unit is on one side…mmmm interesting.

the plot thickens

There you go… Probably not you at all.

hope you will receive no penalty letter. I was flashed a few monthes ago near london bridge, still waiting for the letter now:D

Hmmm just because a camera is digital doesn’t mean it can see in the dark… so they’ll flash if needed for sure. It’s the infra red ones that don’t need to flash in the traditional way (Truvelo - forward facing ones etc).

The digital thing is to help automate the processing of the penalty.

I trust we all know about this site? http://www.speedcamerasuk.com/index.htm

well!..it’s the 15th day and no letter through the post with the dreaded lergy :wink: …(NIP)

I had this happen when I gave it some past the Magistrates Court in Holloway Road, hit like 55 and flash flash that nasty feeling. Took me a couple of days to realise that I was Northbound and the camera is for the Southbound lane; apparently if you accelerate toward an opposing camera like that, it can trigger it off. They must have had a couple of lovely pictures of an empty road lol.

Nice one fella, just been through a similar period of uncertainty myself !